June 29, 2008


Hello dear internet blog readers.

This is the first post on the new blog of Scottish Sin and MX. We call it two.shots. Why? Well, we feel we need to provide the internet with two shots of intelligence to your brain. So what will this blog consist of? Usually anything we can fucking think of. The first blog is always the hardest so i'm going to start with some things I find interesting. You'll usually find me posting the following:

- Reviews of CD's that are new or CD's I think you should check out (possible download?)
- A section called 'Shit I'll Never Afford' or SINA for short. It's usually things I'll never be able to afford from fashion, electronics, phones, cars, and the like.
- Wrestling reviews (WWE because I don't watch the garbage that is TNA even though WWE isn't much better)
- Game reviews/previews (because gaming is sick)
- Pics of hot chicks (because who doesn't love a hot female every once in a while?)
- Random things I find while searching the internet.

You want to know what Scottish Sin is gonna post about? Fuck if I know, kiddies.

So here is the first MX two.shot blog post. Remember it because it's gonna be historical.


CLICK HERE to view the slideshow.

Honestly, it's alright. I'm mixed on this show. Some of the stuff is dope and the other stuff is just... eh. You can judge for yourself on this.