September 23, 2008

mx playlist *** broken crown

i was havin' nervous breakdowns like man these niggas that much better than me?

The new musical journey from MX has arrived ladies and gents. mx playlists. Now, I know a lot of us have playlists and, I'll admit, I was against playlists for the longest time. Then, one day, I decided to make one and I haven't looked back since. So, here is the playlist and I uploaded the playlist to, which is a fantastic site to create playlists and look at what others are doing. Hell, I might even post other people's playlists that I find there. You never know.

So check out the playlist and the tracklist is after the jump. You can go directly to my FIQL page, read the description for the playlist, comment and rate below.

mx playlist *** broken crown

ADDITION: The playlist is now an FIQL Pick, which means the people who run FIQL have given it a thumbs up because of what the playlist stands for. Plus, we have thirty one views on the playlist which means 31 people saw the link to two.shot. You'll be seeing more playlists from me, for sure.

- MX

1. kanye west 'love lockdown'
2. jimi hendrix 'spanish castle magic'
3. santogold 'creator'
4. talib kweli 'get by'
5. john legend 'ordinary people'
6. kanye west 'the glory'
7. kanye west 'slow jamz'
8. motley crue 'saints of los angeles'
9. n*e*r*d f/ kanye west, lupe fiasco, + pusha t 'everyone nose (remix)'
10. kanye west 'touch the sky'
11. t.i. 'whatever you like'
12. jimi hendrix 'purple haze'
13. jimi hendrix 'machine gun'
14. kanye west 'drunk + hot girls'
15. common 'they say'
16. jimi hendrix 'all along the watchtower'
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  1. Holy hell ... I'm loving this new addition. I'm liking the playlist, bro!

  2. 77 views is fucking amazing. I created an account on their, I like the site. I definitely dig the playlist. You own!

  3. Thanks man. I'm working on the next one and it should be up before the end of the week. Until then, I'm gonna add some mx daily's and add some shit to the side of the blog to direct people to all the music related posts.