September 26, 2008

mx playlist *** travel dark

Yet another playlist by yours truly. I've been working on this one for a good week or so, trying to create a story that wasn't boring and that you could interpret yourself. I have a description of the playlist on the FIQL page, but I'll post it here as well.
For this installment, what I was going for was those songs that you could listen to if you are traveling on a road you've never been on or have traveled on a road you have never been on. We've all traveled down a dark road and had to reach light somehow. So that's how I see this playlist.

You start with the chilling Un'aria and you end with the somber, thoughtful 'The End'' because you could either enter the light to exit or you could stay and travel in the dark forever. Between all that, you might feel trapped in a relationship and you want to end it (Warden, Welcome Home), you might feel like you have nothing left in life and want everything to end but you're trapped in the metaphorical 'dark' (On The Edge Of A Cliff). You also might feel as though everyone is turning on you and making you feel outcasted (Sowing Season), but in the middle of that you realize there are better sides out there (Side) and things start to become a little better.

I could go on forever about the many, many meanings that I personally have for this playlist but I'll let you decide what your own meaning is as you travel dark.
The tracklist is after the jump.

- MX

1. the sound of animals fighting 'un-aria'
2. tonedeff 'warden (love lockdown rmx) '
3. the streets 'on the edge of a cliff'
4. coheed and cambria 'mother superior'
5. the streets 'everything is borrowed'
6. coheed and cambria 'welcome home'
7. kanye west 'flashing lights'
8. travis 'side'
9. brand new 'sowing season (yeah)'
10. cream 'white room'
11. chiodos 'all nereids beware'
12. coheed and cambria 'in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3'
13. eric clapton 'layla'
14. the doors 'the end'
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  1. Damn, you are doing it big ...

    Loving the playlists you're doing up. Lovely description as well ...