November 20, 2008

a clean slate

So... after careful deliberation and talking with Sin, we've decided to call Wordpress.come our home. Not only is it a cleaner userface but it has many, many more options that Blogger does. Now, I'm not going to diss blogger because they've been good to us over the last few months. I'm just tired of my posts being taken down and a random, generic e-mail being sent out all to me for the last month. That's bogus. Now, if you like Blogger than stay with it. It was just time for the 2 shotters to find a new home. And it's due, anyways. This post will be on the wordpress account and the blogger account and the link to the new site will be at the end of this post. From now on, go to the wordpress account and make that your new home away from home.

Also, if you want to look at the archived things in the old blog, I'll keep the link in the affiliates section just in case. If you have me as an affiliate, remember to change to the wordpress address.

Peace Blogger... it was nice knowing ya.


- MX & Scottish Sin

November 19, 2008

two.shot to wordpress?

So, this is something that I personally have been thinking a lot about recently. I keep getting e-mails from Blogger saying they're taking down my posts because of 'copyright laws'. DMCA or something like that. Honestly, it's irritating me. I've had, probably, 10 of my posts taken down THIS MONTH because of things like that. For example, they took down Kanye West + Young Jeezy's 'Amazing' that I put up a few days ago. Why? Copyright infringement. Now, if they would have looked into this, they would have realized that the link was directly off of Kanye's blog. This is part of the reason I've halted the mx dailies. They probably would take off the link.

Also, they took off Lil Wayne's The Leak 5 when MIXTAPES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

So, I have to talk to Sin about it but your mothers favorite blog might be moving to wordpress. We'll let you know and have a full report on it as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

- MX

the evolution of mr. west

Something I found while browsing the internet this morning. It's a interesting little video about how some things stay the same while Mr. West has evolved his whole atmosphere and music.

Sidebar: I'm feeling a lot better, if anyone cared, and I'm patiently waiting for Sin to get his black ass on XBL so we get to it with the New Xbox Experience (which is dope). So if any of you Xbox elitists want to play Gears with Sin and I, the gamertags are Scottish Sin for, well, Scottish Sin and IIIMEGATR0NIII for MX aka Megatronix.

- MX

kanye west '808s and hearbreak' (kaws official itunes cover)

Spotted at the dopeboyz. KAWS, the infamous artist who has taken Mickey Mouse and Spongebob and made them look ultra dope, has redone the iTunes cover for 808's and Heartbreak. I like this cover better than the actual cover, which is basically the Love Lockdown single cover. This'll probably be the album art for the album which comes out in less than a week.

Are you ready for the heartbreak? I am.

- MX

trying to dance? watch this girl

God, I love stupid people getting hurt doing stupid things. Spotted at Jay's heaven (I check it on.the.regular) and this made my night. The funny shit doesn't happen till the end but watch her kick... she's on some Mortal Kombat shit with that kick. That, or some Hwoarang shit. Remember that kid from Tekken? That was my dude right there. Kick you straight in the face with no remorse. Tekken was a dope ass game man. Not better than Virtua Fighter, but good.

Lion from VF>>>>>>>>>>>anyone from Tekken, MK, Marvel vs. Capcom (save Felicia), Dynasty Warriors, Soul Caliber, DBZ Budakai, or Guilty Gear.

- MX

November 18, 2008

beyonce 'i am... sasha fierce'

The new Beyonce experience is out in stores now. I Am... Sasha Fierce is available wherever CD's are sold. You can also purchase it on iTunes.

Oh, and this is the 300th post. Killin' it one post at a time.

- MX

young jeezy 'crazy world' (video)

New video for the new single off Jeezy's The Recession. Tomorrow I'll be dropping a new Kanye mixtape called Sky High. Look out for that -ish.

- MX

nfl week eleven

A tie? Are we serious? The Bengals are so bad that they can't even LOSE right. It's classic. Also, everyone in the NFC North lost this week but one team. Can you guess? The Packers smothered the Bears and proved their dominance , the Cowboys looked to be in good form with Romo back in the captain's chair, the Bills miss wide right (what's new?), the Giants prove that the Ravens don't have an unstoppable defense, and the Titans remain undefeated.

Isn't it funny that, last year, the Pats were 10-0 at this point in the season and they had ALL the media attention. Now, the Titans are 10-0 and they're just a side bar. Just shows what the power of money and prestige can do for ya.

Full scores after the Lambeau Leap (which happened after EVERY GB touchdown).

- MX

N.Y. Jets 34-31 New England Patriots

Denver Broncos 24 Atlanta Falcons 20

Detroit Lions 22 Carolina Panthers 31

Philadelphia Eagles 13 Cincinnati Bengals 13

Chicago Bears 3 Green Bay Packers 37

Houston Texans 27 Indianapolis Colts 33

New Orleans Saints 30 Kansas City Chiefs 20

Oakland Raiders 15 Miami Dolphins 17

Baltimore Ravens 10 N.Y. Giants 30

Minnesota Vikings 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19

St. Louis Rams 16 San Francisco 49ers 35

Arizona Cardinals 26 Seattle Seahawks 20

Tennessee Titans 24 Jacksonville Jaguars 14

San Diego Chargers 10 Pittsburgh Steelers 11

Dallas Cowboys 14 Washington Redskins 10

Cleveland Browns 29 at Buffalo Bills 27
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November 17, 2008

kanye west 'welcome to heartbreak' (radio rip)

kanye west 'welcome to heartbreak' (radio rip)

Here's a new joint from the November 24th Heartbreak. I have already heard a different mix than this and I like the original one I have but this one is dope too. There's a dude talking a little at the beginning and a lot at the end. I try to ignore it. Still, I'm anxious to know which one is gonna be released. Anyways, check out the song and enjoy it.

Also, for all the lazy music shoppers out there... 808's and Heartbreak is now available for pre-order over at iTunes.

Shouts to for the radio rip.

- MX

brock lesnar v randy couture (second round video)

Here, as promised, is the Lesnar/Couture fight... well at least the second round. Shitty quality, yes, but this is all I could find. I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube takes this down. If so, just go to and read up on it there.

Oh, and I love how people are now saying that UFC is fake and the punch was not that hard and The Natural dramatically fell. Okay, let's see you get blasted in the face and then get hammer fisted on the ground by a 265 pound monster like Brock Lesnar. Not so fake, eh?

Anyways, I have to recover from a cold that I got from my girl. Women...

- MX

November 16, 2008

babe alert: cc fontana

Shiiieeetttt. I haven't dropped one of these in a hot minute. I don't know much about this woman except for I saw her at (where all these pictures come from) and I had to post her. If you really wanna know, Google the broad.

- MX

CC Fontana picture 1

CC Fontana picture 4

CC Fontana picture 5

CC Fontana picture 7

CC Fontana picture 9

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lesnar def. couture to capture ufc heavyweight championship

I called this shit. Not officially on two-shot, but I called this shit. I was watching this fight at my girl's house with her brothers and they were quiet as fuck when The Natural lost. I was sitting, silently, enjoying the moment. Second round, Lesnar drills Couture in the side of the head and ground and pounds the fuck outta him.

Even in UFC, he is The Next Big Thing. You can read a more detailed review of this fight at HipHopDX. Once a good quality video surfaces, I'll post it for those who haven't seen it or can't believe it and want to watch it again.

- MX

November 15, 2008

mortal kombat 4 corny ending

God, this shit had me rollin'. The animation reminds me of a shitty version of Beast Wars, one of the sickest adaptations of Transformers. The new animated series is pretty sick, as Megatron is awesome as fuck in it, but that's besides the point.

The thing I wanna know... how the fuck does he survive the first fall from Sonya?

- MX

how can she slap?

So there might be a lot of videos posted tonight because I'm on a funny video hunt. Just a warning. This one is from an Indian TV show where the host gets pimp slapped and then gets his ass beat by mass people. HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!!!!

- MX

i'm 37?!

This is one of my favorite scenes from the greatest movie of all time, Clerks. Watch, enjoy, rewind, watch again.

- MX