November 16, 2008

babe alert: cc fontana

Shiiieeetttt. I haven't dropped one of these in a hot minute. I don't know much about this woman except for I saw her at (where all these pictures come from) and I had to post her. If you really wanna know, Google the broad.

- MX

CC Fontana picture 1

CC Fontana picture 4

CC Fontana picture 5

CC Fontana picture 7

CC Fontana picture 9

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  1. You've been hiding these ... that's why it hasn't been one in a while, lol ...

    A good comeback on this ... loved it then, and sure is hella loving it now ... never heard of her, well till' noww ...

    Btw, Your Bengals are on, MX ... Today is a good day!

  2. My Bengals? Please. The Bengals who can't even get a win so they settle for a tie Bengals?


    How about MY Packers? Your prediction was oh so false Jay. Oh so false.

  3. No need to be a trader now ... you're a rez' of Cincy but you like 'Cheeseheads', lmao.

    That would be like me jumping and skipping to the Cowboys wagon, which ain't never in this world ... gonna happen.

    Where's your spirit? Where is it, huh?

    They didn't lose, just a tie. It's the kicker's fault ...

    Housh' was in a zone, bruva'