September 03, 2008

babe alert: gina gershon

So, when I was at my girls house the other night she forced me to watch this chick flick (not that we were watching it...) and I saw this chick in the movie. I had to find out who the fuck this was because, let's face it, she's hot as fuck.

Apparently, she was Gina Gershon and she was in Showgirls. I've seen that movie a few times (thanks to VH1) and I never knew she was in it. Oh well, I've seen her now and I'm going to share it to all of you fine people. So, as usual, there are more pictures after the jump.

- MX

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  1. that there .... is why you are the man!

  2. I also remember seeing her in Face Off. She was hot in that too, and not too bad an of actress either.

    That films so great.