November 20, 2008

a clean slate

So... after careful deliberation and talking with Sin, we've decided to call Wordpress.come our home. Not only is it a cleaner userface but it has many, many more options that Blogger does. Now, I'm not going to diss blogger because they've been good to us over the last few months. I'm just tired of my posts being taken down and a random, generic e-mail being sent out all to me for the last month. That's bogus. Now, if you like Blogger than stay with it. It was just time for the 2 shotters to find a new home. And it's due, anyways. This post will be on the wordpress account and the blogger account and the link to the new site will be at the end of this post. From now on, go to the wordpress account and make that your new home away from home.

Also, if you want to look at the archived things in the old blog, I'll keep the link in the affiliates section just in case. If you have me as an affiliate, remember to change to the wordpress address.

Peace Blogger... it was nice knowing ya.


- MX & Scottish Sin

November 19, 2008

two.shot to wordpress?

So, this is something that I personally have been thinking a lot about recently. I keep getting e-mails from Blogger saying they're taking down my posts because of 'copyright laws'. DMCA or something like that. Honestly, it's irritating me. I've had, probably, 10 of my posts taken down THIS MONTH because of things like that. For example, they took down Kanye West + Young Jeezy's 'Amazing' that I put up a few days ago. Why? Copyright infringement. Now, if they would have looked into this, they would have realized that the link was directly off of Kanye's blog. This is part of the reason I've halted the mx dailies. They probably would take off the link.

Also, they took off Lil Wayne's The Leak 5 when MIXTAPES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

So, I have to talk to Sin about it but your mothers favorite blog might be moving to wordpress. We'll let you know and have a full report on it as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

- MX

the evolution of mr. west

Something I found while browsing the internet this morning. It's a interesting little video about how some things stay the same while Mr. West has evolved his whole atmosphere and music.

Sidebar: I'm feeling a lot better, if anyone cared, and I'm patiently waiting for Sin to get his black ass on XBL so we get to it with the New Xbox Experience (which is dope). So if any of you Xbox elitists want to play Gears with Sin and I, the gamertags are Scottish Sin for, well, Scottish Sin and IIIMEGATR0NIII for MX aka Megatronix.

- MX

kanye west '808s and hearbreak' (kaws official itunes cover)

Spotted at the dopeboyz. KAWS, the infamous artist who has taken Mickey Mouse and Spongebob and made them look ultra dope, has redone the iTunes cover for 808's and Heartbreak. I like this cover better than the actual cover, which is basically the Love Lockdown single cover. This'll probably be the album art for the album which comes out in less than a week.

Are you ready for the heartbreak? I am.

- MX

trying to dance? watch this girl

God, I love stupid people getting hurt doing stupid things. Spotted at Jay's heaven (I check it on.the.regular) and this made my night. The funny shit doesn't happen till the end but watch her kick... she's on some Mortal Kombat shit with that kick. That, or some Hwoarang shit. Remember that kid from Tekken? That was my dude right there. Kick you straight in the face with no remorse. Tekken was a dope ass game man. Not better than Virtua Fighter, but good.

Lion from VF>>>>>>>>>>>anyone from Tekken, MK, Marvel vs. Capcom (save Felicia), Dynasty Warriors, Soul Caliber, DBZ Budakai, or Guilty Gear.

- MX

November 18, 2008

beyonce 'i am... sasha fierce'

The new Beyonce experience is out in stores now. I Am... Sasha Fierce is available wherever CD's are sold. You can also purchase it on iTunes.

Oh, and this is the 300th post. Killin' it one post at a time.

- MX

young jeezy 'crazy world' (video)

New video for the new single off Jeezy's The Recession. Tomorrow I'll be dropping a new Kanye mixtape called Sky High. Look out for that -ish.

- MX

nfl week eleven

A tie? Are we serious? The Bengals are so bad that they can't even LOSE right. It's classic. Also, everyone in the NFC North lost this week but one team. Can you guess? The Packers smothered the Bears and proved their dominance , the Cowboys looked to be in good form with Romo back in the captain's chair, the Bills miss wide right (what's new?), the Giants prove that the Ravens don't have an unstoppable defense, and the Titans remain undefeated.

Isn't it funny that, last year, the Pats were 10-0 at this point in the season and they had ALL the media attention. Now, the Titans are 10-0 and they're just a side bar. Just shows what the power of money and prestige can do for ya.

Full scores after the Lambeau Leap (which happened after EVERY GB touchdown).

- MX

N.Y. Jets 34-31 New England Patriots

Denver Broncos 24 Atlanta Falcons 20

Detroit Lions 22 Carolina Panthers 31

Philadelphia Eagles 13 Cincinnati Bengals 13

Chicago Bears 3 Green Bay Packers 37

Houston Texans 27 Indianapolis Colts 33

New Orleans Saints 30 Kansas City Chiefs 20

Oakland Raiders 15 Miami Dolphins 17

Baltimore Ravens 10 N.Y. Giants 30

Minnesota Vikings 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19

St. Louis Rams 16 San Francisco 49ers 35

Arizona Cardinals 26 Seattle Seahawks 20

Tennessee Titans 24 Jacksonville Jaguars 14

San Diego Chargers 10 Pittsburgh Steelers 11

Dallas Cowboys 14 Washington Redskins 10

Cleveland Browns 29 at Buffalo Bills 27
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November 17, 2008

kanye west 'welcome to heartbreak' (radio rip)

kanye west 'welcome to heartbreak' (radio rip)

Here's a new joint from the November 24th Heartbreak. I have already heard a different mix than this and I like the original one I have but this one is dope too. There's a dude talking a little at the beginning and a lot at the end. I try to ignore it. Still, I'm anxious to know which one is gonna be released. Anyways, check out the song and enjoy it.

Also, for all the lazy music shoppers out there... 808's and Heartbreak is now available for pre-order over at iTunes.

Shouts to for the radio rip.

- MX

brock lesnar v randy couture (second round video)

Here, as promised, is the Lesnar/Couture fight... well at least the second round. Shitty quality, yes, but this is all I could find. I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube takes this down. If so, just go to and read up on it there.

Oh, and I love how people are now saying that UFC is fake and the punch was not that hard and The Natural dramatically fell. Okay, let's see you get blasted in the face and then get hammer fisted on the ground by a 265 pound monster like Brock Lesnar. Not so fake, eh?

Anyways, I have to recover from a cold that I got from my girl. Women...

- MX

November 16, 2008

babe alert: cc fontana

Shiiieeetttt. I haven't dropped one of these in a hot minute. I don't know much about this woman except for I saw her at (where all these pictures come from) and I had to post her. If you really wanna know, Google the broad.

- MX

CC Fontana picture 1

CC Fontana picture 4

CC Fontana picture 5

CC Fontana picture 7

CC Fontana picture 9

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lesnar def. couture to capture ufc heavyweight championship

I called this shit. Not officially on two-shot, but I called this shit. I was watching this fight at my girl's house with her brothers and they were quiet as fuck when The Natural lost. I was sitting, silently, enjoying the moment. Second round, Lesnar drills Couture in the side of the head and ground and pounds the fuck outta him.

Even in UFC, he is The Next Big Thing. You can read a more detailed review of this fight at HipHopDX. Once a good quality video surfaces, I'll post it for those who haven't seen it or can't believe it and want to watch it again.

- MX

November 15, 2008

mortal kombat 4 corny ending

God, this shit had me rollin'. The animation reminds me of a shitty version of Beast Wars, one of the sickest adaptations of Transformers. The new animated series is pretty sick, as Megatron is awesome as fuck in it, but that's besides the point.

The thing I wanna know... how the fuck does he survive the first fall from Sonya?

- MX

how can she slap?

So there might be a lot of videos posted tonight because I'm on a funny video hunt. Just a warning. This one is from an Indian TV show where the host gets pimp slapped and then gets his ass beat by mass people. HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!!!!

- MX

i'm 37?!

This is one of my favorite scenes from the greatest movie of all time, Clerks. Watch, enjoy, rewind, watch again.

- MX

November 14, 2008

lil wayne 'dedication 3' (stream + mixtape)

So this is the best we've got right now. Props to the dopeboyz for lettin' me in on this -ish. The stream, courtesy of iMeem is after the jump. Once the full thing is available for download, I'll bump this back up to the top.

EDIT: Got the link to the mixtape. The link is right below the image. Enjoy!

- MX

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3
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new watchmen trailer

It's pretty dope. I'm gonna definitely go see this movie. Will you?

- MX

kanye west arrested and released... again

Damn, 'Ye has been in the news a lot recently. Now Kanye has been arrested and released for, you guessed it, a fight with a London member of the paparazzi. The cameraman, Terry Blackburn, claims that West gave him a few bruises and a cut on his face after Kanye told him to 'get the fucking camera off him'. Kanye West was then released with no charges.

You know... I've been reading interviews where Kanye says he wants to get out of the spotlight, start a family, and stop rapping for a while and maybe he should do that. Just work on his Past Tell clothing line and chill for a few years. It's not like he has to make another album to make some money. The knee grow is rich, bitch.

- MX

kanye west fader 58 cover

I don't know how many of you keep up with but it's a dope site and the magazine is sick as well. Kanye happens to be one of the covers for the December issue. Kanye fucking hates this cover but I dunno... the shades are dope. The interview/article isn't available online until November 25th and when it is available, I'll make sure to put it up for all of you good two.shotters to read.

Until then, countdown to the heartbreak.

- MX

November 13, 2008

rev theory 'voices' (randy orton theme song)

Sin just shot this over to me and I think it should be shared with the world. We've been waiting for the full song forever and now we have it. Back to cleaning my room, though. I'm a pack rat so I have a lot of shit to get rid of.

Happy listening.

- MX

gears of war 2: broken?

Okay... so here is the topic for debate for the evening. I'm up late playing GOW2 and my buddy and I were talking about the mulitplayer and how we think it's broken. I've been looking around for other people who have thought the same thing and 95% of the hardcore Gears of War 1 players (like myself and my buddy) fucking hate this new multiplayer. It's just broken. Let me list off the things that I feel are broken in this game.

1. Chainsaw battles. You are so vulnerable when this is happening that you can get sniped, boomshotted or anything else when you're in one. Then you have to tap B as hard as you can and if you and your opponent tie, it starts all over. Then it's a race to see who can chainsaw someone the fastest. To me, that's bullshit.

2. The shotgun. Now, this was everyone's favorite weapon in Gears 1 and shotgun battles were always fun. But now, the shotgun has such terrible shots that it's hard to do anything. One match my shotgun will be super dope (and I'm not host) and the next it will take 7 shots to kill someone. Also, when someone is running at you with a chainsaw, you can't stop them with the shotgun. It doesn't even faze them. It's like the chainsaw is invincible in this one. But this is what Cliffy B wanted, right?

3. The shield. The shield is invincible. You can boomshot a shield wielder, you can torque a shielder, and you can snipe a shielder. Nothing will kill him. Expect a chainsaw. However, read point #2.

4. The maps. This is personal opinion though but I hate all the maps in the game save for 6. Five of them are maps from the first Gears. Blood Drive is the dopest map in the game. Two of the maps, Hail and Avalance, have shitty elemental damage that doesn't make sense. Yeah, let's have razorhail come out of nowhere and kill everyone. See, in Garden in Gears 1, you could turn the gas on and off. Same with Bullet Marsh. You could turn the darkness off and Kryll the fuck outta someone. This shit pisses me off.

5. Matchmaking. This is one of the many things I cannot stand. Yes, I like the party system but didn't Cliffy want to eliminate the team stacking? The party system is a clan's dream. You could be playing an entire clan and you have four complete strangers playing with you. Also, the matchmaking takes, like, an hour to connect and then half the time you lag out of games and have to wait another 10 minutes for the fucking game to start.

6. Weapons. Is it necessary to have a Mortor gun, a sniper, a boomshot, and a hammer of dawn in one map? I mean, the power weapons in this game are ridiculous. Also, the swapping weapons in the map annoy me. One moment the weapon will be the sniper. The next round, you hope to grab the sniper again and it's the torque bow. Not that I hate the torque because I'm dope with it but it just annoys me.

Anyways, what do you think? I'd love to hear Sin's thoughts on this and if there is anything else please let me know your concerns or praise for the game. I will still play the multiplayer because I think that I'm in denial because I love Gears so much. I don't know. After the jump, though, is an angry letter from a Gears fan that sums up all my thoughts into one genius letter. There are many others on the forums that you can read with the link I've applied right before the letter. I hope they patch this but I'm afraid it's too broken to be patched.

You can cover scars with makeup but you can't get rid of them forever.

- MX

Topic from StLouisAssassin from the Official Gears Of War 2 Message Board


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ray and I am an avid XBox gamer. I bought my Xbox about 2 months before GoW 1 came out. Up to that point, I had never been part of an online gaming community. That all changed with Gears of War. I became engrossed so quickly. I even tried the clan and MLG route for the extra competitive nature! I bled Crimson red. As I write this letter, I look to the right on my desk and see 9 7-inch figures (Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Carmine, 2 Therons, a Drone, and a Sniper Drone). I look to the left, and on top of my CD rack I see a replica lancer that I willing dropped $130 because it embodied everything I loved. That lancer was to me what a replica light saber is to a Star Wars fan. I waited with so much anticipation for November 7th. It seemed like it would never come. When it did, I immediately poured through the campaign. It was longer. It was better! It even created some emotional reactions...something no game has ever done for me. Once I made my way through, it was on to Horde. Another homerun! It was fast paced and challenging. By wave 10, things were crazy and hectic. It was exciting. And working with 4 other friends was great fun. Once it was beaten, it was time to move on to the real bread and butter...multiplayer. For the past two years, I have played Gears non-stop. I tried other games...CoD4...H3...Rainbow 6...GRAW...TF2..But nothing could satisfy my desire for headshots, curb stomps, and bodies being blown apart into messy gory chunks. I loaded up multiplayer, expecting to see 10 new maps (some I would like and some I probably wouldn't...that's natural), and some game play tweaks to address inherent problems in Gears 1'1 programming. I even bought in to the hype of stopping power and smoke grenade stuns. I can honestly say now, having achieved a four-stripe ranking, how I truly feel about your sophomore effort.

We will start with the good. MOST of the maps are designed fairly well. I don't agree with environmental damage, such as avalanche or hail, but I can still stand the maps. They do seems to have lost some of that "detail" but I will let this slide assuming it enhances either the destructible cover and somehow helps reduce lag. Remaking 5 of the old maps was a nice touch too.

Sadly, that is where the good ends and the bad begins. The first problem, and one of the biggest, is the new matchmaking system. The first problem is the time it takes to get a game going. From the menu, you choose Multiplayer and get a loading screen. You get your friends and search for a match...another loading screen. You then get put in the lobby with the other players...another loading screen. The game then loads and you get put in the map with about another 20-30 second wait for the match to begin. It can take 4-5 minutes to just get in a match. Now, supposedly, this is all done in the name of reducing lag by matching up players with similar connections. I have yet to see anything like this! And heaven forbid the host should quit. You will then have another 5 minute wait for another match. Plus I would venture to say that about 20% of the games I have been in have had at least one player lag out of the game. Finally, although I don't agree with the loss of public rooms (I thought this was great about Gears 1), I don't understand why I must go through all these loading screens over and over when in a private match with my friends. Why can't I set a map cycle and just play without all the waiting and loading? You really did have a great system with Gears 1...all you had to do was allow people to go into the old "ranked" rooms with parties. Instead you've turned this game into another version of Halo 3. But here is a news flash Cliffy. A lot of us play this game because it is NOT H3. We like that it differentiated itself from that bunny-hopping piece of garbage.

As if the Matchmaking wasn't frustrating enough, the disappointment only mounts when you actually get into a game and deal with the new "style of play". Before even getting into any weapons, let me talk about player movement. I am not sure what it is, but movement now seems choppy. Everything in Gears 1 felt more fluid and natural. Now I run and I am glitching in front of and behind the guy in front of me. I side roll down some stairs on Gridlock, and suddenly I am stuck in midair. The game no longer has that fluidness to it that made movement seems so smooth. Now when I try to jump backwards, sometimes I will and sometimes I won't. And heaven forbid I am evading a pursuer and need to climb a ledge. I don't know what you did to the ledges in this game, but jumping over one is an exercise in futility!!!

Now assuming you can overlook the crap matchmaking and weird movement, you can start playing the game. Get ready to spend most of it on your ass. Take my most recent match on Gridlock. Every round saw 3 guys on the other team rushing mid tower and taking turns chucking smoke nades to lay us on our ass while the others rushed in for either clean up kills, or to grab the power weapons because we were forced to hang back. And heaven forbid I got stunned at the top of the stairs. Then I'd get caught in some weird glitch where rather than being down for 2-3 seconds, I was down for 5-10 while I waited for my body to float down the stairs, only rising to my feet when I had reached the very bottom! As I said earlier, I was on board in the teaser videos with this "improvement". Now that I have seen it in action, I can say it is a bust. There is nothing more frustrating than getting blown on your ass and watching helplessly as a guy rushes you with his shotty to jib you as you slowly rise up. Maybe you will survive if you aren't floating down stairs or are lucky enough to not get the glitch where you have to get up twice! And god help you should another smoke nade come in 5 seconds after the last one so you can get blown to the ground again before you even fully get up from the first one. And lord really help you if you want to play a new game type like Annex or KOTH!!! You'll spend more time on your butt and standing up to get jibbed than you will doing anything else. Kill the other team and what is your reward. Five respawners, all charging, smokes in hand to lay you on your butt and scoop up and easy kill. What a reward! And since we are talking about nades, let's talk about the wall tagging. I thought this would be awesome. I was remembering the old days of Goldeneye and the proximity mines in the facility map. Sadly, it just doesn't translate well. Especially when you take a game type like Wingman. The great thing about Gears 1 was how fast paced it was. If you were slow you were dead. Now the winning team is the one willing to camp, smoke and regular nades stuck in random walls. And heaven help me should I be the one pushing the action only to come around a corner and have some randomly placed grenade form 3 minutes earlier in the match splat me and my partner. If the point in nerfing the shotgun (something I'll discuss in a bit) was to reward skill, then explain how me getting killed by a nade from someone who was dead 2 minutes ago, because he spawned by nades and put one in some random wall, is skill. I don't want to have to inspect every wall and search every room I enter. If I wanted that experience, I'd play SoCom or Rainbow 6!

Now let's talk weapons. The first one is fairly obvious...the shotty. Love it or hate it, the shotty IS Gears. Let's all be honest. The shotty is to Gears what the BR is to Halo. It defines the game. I agree with everyone who complained about its randomness. And that was something rightfully adjusted. But the totally nerfing of the gun is inexplicable. I have shot guys, middle of my reticule, multiple times point-blank, only to be chainsawed or meleed by a hammerburst. You say the reason you did this was because the game wasn't being played the way you envisioned. Well that's not fair to all of us who played it for the past 2 years, keeping it in the top 10 (usually the top 5) of all games played over XBL. Sometimes visions have to change Cliffy. For your game to sty top 5 after two years should tell you something. Maybe you didn't intend the game to be played the way it was. And if that is the case, consider yourself lucky. You were searching for silver and instead found gold! I watched over the past two years as new games rose up on the most played list, only to fall off after the novelty was gone. And through all that. Through all the new games...both single and multi...Gears was there in the top 5 holding it strong. Although I've ventured for a bit, let me return to my point about the shotty. The point is that taking the randomness out of it was good. People want to be rewarded for accuracy, not be subject to a game decision. By fixing this you had fixed what was wrong with the shotty in Gears! Many times a guy strafing with lancer would down a shotgunner, just as often as the shotgunner could jib the lancer sprayer. All you needed was to make the game consistent. Not nerf one of the best up close guns to the point where it was almost useless.

What is even more annoying about the shotgun is its effectiveness against someone who wants to run at me with his chainsaw revved. For some reason the stun and drop from revving the chainsaw is either gone or extremely hard to make happen. I don't understand why. I can't name the number of times I've found myself between two guys, shotguns drawn, and have made a desperation roll and chainsaw rev just to take one of them with me. Every time I do this I know it is not skill. I know I will die for chainsawing the guy. But technically I shouldn't even take one of them with me. I am able to take advantage a big game play flaw though and get something before I am taken apart. I know you love your chainsaw Cliffy. I think it is pretty cool too. I look to my replica lancer on my left and think "sweet!". But just because it is cool is not a reason to change the way your entire game plays. Most of us play a shooter to shoot. Yes occasionally a chainsaw is called for and used as such. But these guys revving through my shotgun shots or my flamethrower and chainsawing me are annoying.

These are my biggest complaints. The matchmaking, the glitchy ledges, wall tagging, smoke concussive blasts, nerfed shotgun and over powered chainsaw have gone a long way to ruin what was an amazing online experience. I would have never thought there was ANY way Epic could screw this up. It was not conceivable. I should have known better I guess. Maybe Gears 1 was lightning in a bottle and you aren't capable of making an experience like that again. I don't know. There is so much more I could about. Problems with the voice servers again (like in the first one). I played in a game today...Guardian on Gridlock..where my team could all hear me, but only one player on my team could talk to me. And the inability to hear the lobby after the round is over? Weren't these problems that were in the first game and had to be addressed? How can something like that get past play testing??? Also the weapon sliding is back as well. Perhaps rather than testing your games in labs, it would be worth your money to hire a few of these exploit gamers and have them test your game in the real world (off of lag-free local linking). Beyond these glitches, things in Gears 1 that you obviously did not learn from, I would also question what you have done to the sniper. It was such a prolific weapon. It really was equal with the Torque Bow in terms of power. In fact it as often fun to watch a good Torquer battle a good Sniper! Actives rarely downed me, and that was because I wasn't stupid enough to stand in the open. Now the sniper is only good for headshots, and game play tweaks including the screen shaking and bullet fire obstructing your aiming have made the weapon useless. In Gears 1 I would have taken the Sniper over anything other than the boomshot. Now I'll take the Torque over the Sniper any day of the week (on a positive note, the Torque headshots are sick and was a nice addition!). There were so many other ways you could have addressed this weapon. The ability to crawl did a lot to address it in fact. Add that with perhaps a reduction in ammo (to like 6 or 7 bullets) and it would have been fine the way it was. As it is now, it is about as useless as the boltok was in Gears 1. And since I mentioned the boomshot, let's talk about the change you made to that! It is good that you fixed the problem of it not being effective sometimes when shot. It works great now. But the last thing it needed was an extra shell. Two was plenty and this change was totally unnecessary.

I could go on and on but the last thing I will mention is the shield. Now I think the meatshield was an excellent idea. It's really neat and works well in the multiplayer. The shield on the other hand is an overpowered force to be reckoned with. Your only choice when you encounter a guy with a shield is to run. There is absolutely no way to harm him. I have even used this to my advantage and will admit it was cheap when I did it. On a wingman match on Avalanche, the lone guy left grabbed boomshot. I immediately grabbed the shield. Everyone watched with amazement as I absorbed one shot direct on, and two placed by my feet..with no damage incurred! The next round, my partner and me found ourselves on the opposite end of this, only with the Torque instead of the boom since the weapons cycle. My partner torqued the guy’s foot, but he absorbed it since he was holding the shield.

I really could go on and on Cliffy. I know many wait, hoping a patch can fix this game, but honestly, I believe it is so broke that a patch may not be able to fix what is wrong. After all we are talking about core game play mechanics, not just random exploits. Whether things like this are fixable by "title updates", I do not know. But this much I can tell you. I am your market. I am your target gamer. I heard an Epic employee the other day allude to figuring out ways to ensure that gamers buy the game, rather than pirating or renting, because you don't make money off of these things. This much I can tell you. As it stands now, Gears 3 would be a rental for me. I'll beat the story and return the game. There isn't much in Gears 2 to make me want to come back for the next two years, religiously, like the way I did with Gears 1. Lately your forums have exploded with gamers like me..hardcore Gears fans...upset at what you have done to the experience. I hope you will truly take these voices to heart. I understand that some people out there enjoy the game as it is now. Those gamers are not the ones that have been playing for the past 2 years. This is the voice of your most hardcore fans speaking out here. Please do the right thing. We all expected so much. Please fix what is wrong.


aka StLouisAssassin
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November 12, 2008

suge knight sues kanye west

Damn, Kanye is blowin' up in the news these days. Now Death Row thugger Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for an incident that happened in 2005 where Ye allowed someone to sneak a gun past security into his pre-VMA's party. You can check out the whole story here.

- MX

new outkast in 2009

The news keeps coming tonight. I'm taking a break from Gears because I haven't been on the computer in days so there's so much new shit to get on. Anyways...

According to, Outkast plans on releasing new material in 2009. Whether that be a new album or a record, it should be dope none-the-less. The two are working on solo albums and good news on that: Big Boi's is done and Three Stacks is almost finished. This shit is gonna be amazing.

- MX

kanye west speaks on album leak + title + jimi hendrix

So here is some new news on Kanye. First, Black Jaysus posted some dope news about how 808's and Heartbreak could possibly be a double disk and now some very, very interesting news.

First, the date for the heartbreak has changed from November 25th to November 24th.

Second, HipHopDX posted a story about Kanye and a Def Jam conference call he had. He touched on things like his tracks being leaked, the title of the song, working with Yeezy, and Jimi Hendrix. Yes, Kanye talks about the god of all music.

So there's the new news from Ye. After the jump, check out the official commercial for 808's and Heartbreak. An official commercial for a hip hop pop art album? Sick.

- MX

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November 11, 2008

lil wayne 'dedication 3'

One more before I bounce. DJ Drama and Weezy F are hitting their third installment of the Dedication series which is, honestly, what got me into liking Wayne. Dedication 2 is sick as fuck and if that one was better than the first... hopefully the third one is even better.

The mixtape is supposed to drop this week but I'll keep you updated and when it is released, I'll have it here.

Now... back to Gears. In the middle of an Annex match with Sin and it's intense.

- MX

nfl week ten

Slight edit... if anyone cares. Gamertag has been changed. It's now IIIMEGATR0NIII. I'll edit it in the side bar after I do this entry.

Week ten is behind us and what can we say? The Steelers get their momentum slightly halted, the Packers lose by ONE POINT, the Cards win a nail-biter, the Rams get decimated, and the Detroit Lions continue to their perfect season.... without a win.

More scores after the Lambeau Leap (which, oddly, did happen this week in the HHH Dome).

- MX


(Byes: Cincinnati, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Washington)

Denver Broncos 34-30 Cleveland Browns


New Orleans Saints 20-34 Atlanta Falcons

Tennessee Titans 21-14 Chicago Bears

Jacksonville Jaguars 38-14 Detroit Lions

Baltimore Ravens 41-13 Houston Texans

Seattle Seahawks 19-21 Miami Dolphins

Green Bay Packers 27-28 Minnesota Vikings

Buffalo Bills 10-20 New England Patriots

St. Louis Rams 3-47 N.Y. Jets

Carolina Panthers 17-6 Oakland Raiders

Indianapolis Colts 24-20 Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs 19-20 San Diego Chargers

N.Y. Giants 36-31 Philadelphia Eagles


San Francisco 49ers 24-29 Arizona Cardinals
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November 10, 2008

kanye west + t-pain 'go hard' (video)

It's been a minute two.shotters. Gears of War 2 has taken me over. Hit me up if you wanna play and I've been looking into changing my gamertag so if you have any ideas, lemme know. Oh, Megatronix is taken already... so yeah.

Anyways, here's the video to T-Pain and Kanye's collabo, Go Hard feating DJ Khaled some dude who gets on my fucking nerves.

November 06, 2008

gears of war 2 reviews

Tonight, the game known around the world as Gears Of War 2 comes out at midnight, November 7th. For the past three months, on the side there has been a image where you could click and go to the official site Now, with Sin and I excited about this game coming out (even though S dot has already gotten his copy) and I'm here to provide you with the reviews (print and visual) to get you excited for the release of the Horde.

I'll keep updating the review list as I find them. VIDEO REVIEW (GOW2 received a 9.5/10) WRITTEN REVIEW (GOW2 received a 9.5/10) VIDEO REVIEW (GOW2 received a 9/10) WRITTEN REVIEW (GOW2 received a 9/10) VIDEO REVIEW (GOW2 received a 9.5/10) VIDEO REVIEW (GOW2 did not receive an official score)

- MX

lupe fiasco on barack obama's speech

Lupe appeared on Big Tigger's radio show (remember him from the now cancelled Rap City?) to talk about Barack Obama's speech and the feeling's in Chicago at the moment. Lupe was not moved by Obama's speech... he was moved by something else. Don't hate on Lupe until you listen.

Credit to the dopeboyz for bringing this to my attention.

- MX

dice move

I was watching Knocked Up last night for the 60973495087435th time. Great, great movie. I'm sitting here waiting till midnight while some people who will go unnamed (SCOTTISH SIN) are playing Gears Of War 2 right now.


- MX

November 05, 2008

mel marcelo art

After such a good night last night, I search the interwebs this afternoon and find gems like this. Mel Marcelo has created many dope ass images like the one you see above. His Flickr account holds most of his awesome images. Check out the two Barack Obama ones and the Jim Morrison one.

Now I feel like playing Gears of War. Remember... the midnight launch starts tomorrow!

- MX

gears of war 2: executions

It looks sick. The Horde is released November 7th.

mx daily *** change the world

i think obama provides hope - and challenges minds
of all races and colors to erase the hate
and try and love one another

nas 'black president'

This is a historic night for me. Not for the fact that I'm black, but for the fact that I can feel the change coming. I mean, when was the last time people of ALL races have been this excited about the results of a presidential election? When was the last time people were THIS happy about the new President? The amount of people that went out and voted was unbelievable. Half of the population of the United States went out and voted. Do you know how amazing that is?

This is what American needed. We needed unity again.

This is the first time in eight years that I've been behind my president and I feel proud as fuck to be a citizen of THE United States of America.

- MX

all things are possible

Believe it. Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Tonight, America was REALLY united. It was a landslide and this has been an emotional and historic night... one I will never forget. Watch this video, please. Even if you're Scottish, Australian, Chinese, Russian, or American... you will see why Lady Liberty is smiling tonight.

Yes. We. Can.

- MX

November 04, 2008

election day

Today is that day. This is the first time I've been able to vote for the leader of our free country and I'm a little excited. I'm glad I wasn't voting in '04 because it would have been either John Kerry or George Bush. This year I have Barack Obama to vote for.

Either way, if you've voting for John McCain or Barack Obama, you need to get out and vote. Make your voice heard today and bring change upon this great nation.

- MX

nfl week nine

This picture is only because this nukka is on my fantasy team... even though I lost, again, this week.

How about the NFL this week? My Packers gave the Titans the toughest game of the season and it went to overtime. The game reminded me of the NFC Championship game last season where the kicker for the Giants missed the last second field goal only to make it in overtime. Pack drops to 4-4 & second in the NFC North while the Titans remain undefeated at 8-0.

What else... Cowboys still look like shit, Colts beat the Pats, Blitzburgh killed the Redskins (sorry Jaysus), and the hometown team FINALLY got a damn win.

Scores are after you jump in the Dawg Pound.

- MX

(Byes: Carolina, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco)
N.Y. Jets 26-17 Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions 23-27 Chicago Bears
Jacksonville Jaguars 19-21 Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens 37-27 Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay 30-27 Kansas City Chiefs (OT)
Houston Texans 21-28 Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals 34-13 St. Louis Rams
Green Bay 16-19 Tennessee Titans (OT)
Miami Dolphins 26-17 Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys 14-35 N.Y. Giants
Atlanta Falcons 24-0 Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles 26-7 Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots 15-18 Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers 23-6 Washington Redskins
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November 03, 2008

t-pain 'thr33 ringz'

iTunes made a big mistake on Thursday/Friday morning. They released T-Pain's Thr33 Ringz and I happened to see it and purchase the sumbitch. I gotta say... the shit is hard. It's way better than Rappa Ternt Sanga and Epiphany. The feel to it is a lot smoother and a lot cleaner and I can ride to all the tracks just fine. Now all we need is iTunes to fuck up and release the Heartbreak earlier than Nov. 25th. It won't happen but I can dream.

So, on November 11th, cop Teddy Penderassdown's latest musical journey. I guarantee you won't be dissapointed.

- MX

coarsetoys paw! : rainbow

Saw this on myplasticheart today before I hopped in the shower and I had to post something about it.

PAW! Jumping around in the soft and blurred Dreams of St. Creams citizen's is his favorite place to be when he manages to overcome the huge Marshmallow walls that protect the City. So he roams the vast empty deserts in search of players the enters the their dreams as they are sleeping in the daytime. In their dreams he is ploughing through the endless dreamscapes in search of exotic fruit. The strange fruit he finds leave him restless as they drip sweet and bitter and he roars loud "Oooooaaawaaah!" and "Uuuuliiiep!" while his snow white fur can not decide if it may lay or stand up from the neck all the way down his back.

12'' vinyl Figure. Silkscreen printed Carton Box, Rubber Letter filling, Fabric Bag. Limited to 200 pieces.

These start at $127.99. Jump on this if you have the money and you think it's dope, like I do.

- MX

the office: halloween 2008

If you've never seen The Office, American or British, you are a deprived person. This video is exactly what I saw on Halloween. No joke, at this Halloween party I saw mass Jokers and they were all reciting the lines. Wifey wanted me to be The Joker and I told her no. I was gonna be Barack Obama but they sold out of all the masks.

- MX

November 02, 2008


I'm back my fellow two.shotters. Last week I managed to enter into the New Xbox Experience preview program which allowed a few lucky people to get their hands on the new dashboard update set for November 19th a few weeks early.

I got the update direct to my console Thursday night/early Friday morning so I've had a few days to mess around with it, and all I have to say is that it's great. It's sleek, it runs smoother, faster and everything feels more spacious. It improves on the old dash in every way possible along with adding a few nifty features.

The opening video when you first start is really cool and then from there it goes right into the avatars where you can make your own. That's all very straight forward and below is a picture of my own:

It's like Mii's, but don't be fooled. It's much better. I was scepticle at first about the whole idea of avatars but once you have the opportunity to make your own you really get into it and you'll see yourself messing around with the clothing more than you think.

There's quite a few accessories to choose from, but admitedly it's not as full as it could be but I expect more options to open up once the official release rolls around. Add on to that the news of an 'Avatar store' opening soon and the opportunity to gain unique clothing from earning achievements in games, the choice will grow in no time at all.

Another feature pretty much every 360 gamer has been calling for is finally here in this update to, and that's the 8 person party chat. I tested this out with a few people that are also in the preview and it works perfectly. We tested it while playing games and at the dash and there was no difference between the two, so that will be a favorite for a lot of people I'm sure. Another nice little touch when it comes to party chat is if you get knocked off of live for whatever reason... let's say a game update? Then no worries because as soon as you log back into live you automatically get put back into the party. Saves a lot of time, don't you think?

With that said, my overall personal favorite new feature is the ability to put games to your Hard Disc Drive which I believe is a God send for several reasons.

1. You'll get faster load times and won't succumb to disc read errors or annoying pop ins.

2. It'll save your xbox from doing a ton of work and getting overheated with the constant disc reading which will hopefully lead to less hardware faults.

3. The best reason. Your Xbox won't sound like a fucking plane taking off the entire time you're playing a game. Seriously... you'll be shocked once you play a game from the hard drive and check how quiet your Xbox is.

Putting games to the HDD takes on average 10 mins. I put Fallout 3 do HDD and it takes up 5.9GB so it's probably best to invest in a 120 gig HDD because of all the advantages of doing it.

But there you have it. My little blog on the NXE.

Trust me, you'll love it. Happy gaming and enjoy killing in Gears 2 later this week. I know I will.

- Sin