August 13, 2008

Babe Alert: Audrina Patridge

So, as we're counting down to two.shot's 100th post (which is sure to be epic), what better way to count it down with an two.shot approved babe: Audrina Patridge.

You might recognize her from the hit MTV show The Hills. She is the hot chick that dated that dude who looked like a bum. Yeah... anyways, she's most famous for that and she has a few topless photos but there might be young two.shotters here and I don't want their parents backlashing at the blog. Not like I don't post words like fuck, ass, shit, and bitch... but what kid doesn't say those things on Xbox Live?

By the way... I get my Xbox back in 12 hours or so.

Wow, I got off track. Anyways, enjoy the pictures of Audrina after the jump.

- MX

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