August 30, 2008

kanye west at virgin mobile fest

The piano in this is so good. There are many people that hate on Kanye using the autotuner but the man never sounds bad using it. You know why? He knows how to harmonize with it.

Maybe A Good Ass Job will sound mellow like this. It's gonna be filled with a ton of emotion for sure.

- MX

August 29, 2008

mx daily *** fall on me

couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter alexus
kanye west 'all falls down'

There's a reason for the picture and why I pulled that line out of the song. When I was in my mother, the doctors told her I was to be a girl. So my dad was going to name me Porscha. So that's where all that comes from. So sit back, relax, and listen to Kanyeezy talk the truth to all y'all.

- MX

john mccain selects running mate

So, I told you I'd keep you up to date on what goes on with the Dems and Repubs. When Obama selected Biden, it was shocking. However, what McCain did was, well, interesting.

John McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate.

And all I could do was try and prevent my jaw from hitting the floor.

This is an extremely smart move by John McCain. Many Democrats who wanted Hillary in because she was a woman now have someone to lean on. This will take some Democratic votes to the Republican side because, let's face it, people don't vote with who has better issues. This is gonna upset some Republicans because many Elephants think the best place for a woman is in the kitchen, not in the White House.

Oh well... yes we can change the world.

- MX

barack obama's acceptance speech

Damn. It's time for change.

- MX

August 28, 2008

madden 09: packers v titans

Here's another classic play by my Green Bay Packers. I was killing the Titans 20-0 before this play. Vince Young with a great pass to AJ Hawk haha! I love the dive into the endzone... I'm such an asshole in Madden. I'll bring you more action as I make them available. GO PACK GO!

In this game I held the Titans to -4 rushing yards. Yeah, minus 4. You can't get past Kampman, Jenkins, and KGB. Domination on the D-Line.

- MX

mx daily *** stadium status

the risk, is it worth it? the disc, is it perfect?

album review: the game 'lax'

So, finally, The Game's highly anticipated album LAX came out this past Tuesday. This is apparently his final album he's doing. It seems like a lot of rappers are ending with three albums (Lupe Fiasco's third and final album is entitled lupEND) but this could be Game's ego talking.

However, his ego is backed up with this album.

I've said it before that I was iffy on Game but this album changed my opinion of him. His first two albums, The Documentary + Doctors Advocate were good but they weren't great. LAX is great.

The album isn't a ton of bangers where you can just turn it on in a club and the place goes crazy. LAX is more of a relaxed album and it seems like Game put some thought into his lyrics and he picked some really good producers to do his tracks. His hit singles Game's Pain, My Life + Dope Boys are hits by themselves but songs like Cali Sunshine, Let Us Live (because I love Chrisette Michelle), + Angel just stand out by themselves for the production and the feeling you get after listening to them.

Overall, I'd go out and purchase this if you haven't already. It's definitely a CD that will go down as one of the best this year. 2008 has been a great year for hip hop and this album helps redefine that hip hop isn't dead, it just fell off the map for a minute.

4 out of 5

- MX

no chinese democracy allowed

So, as I'm laid up in bed sick as a dog, I saw this story and just laughed to myself. Let's get one thing out in the open right now... I fucking hate Guns N Roses. I think they're the worst band ever. But, again, that's just personal preference.


GNR has this album, called Chinese Democracy, that was supposed to come out for years now. However, Axl Rose has pushed the release date back so no one really knows when it is coming out. Hell, I don't think Axl knows. So, there was this blogger named Kevin Cogill who, pretty much, was like 'fuck this... here are some of the tracks' and guess what? He got arrested by the FBI.

The FBI, fellow two.shotters. Isn't that a bit outlandish? Here's an interesting quote from the article:
Peter Jaszi, an American University law professor, questioned the FBI's tactics and told the Times that, "In Los Angeles, the music industry is, in fact, a significant local industry. But why pursue this person out of all the other alleged copyright violations out there?"
Why get this guy and not people who leak, say, Lil' Wayne music? Because it's GNR and they think their music is untouchable. Axl probably got pissed, like Lars Ulrich did, and decided to take some action. Sorry, but you're never going to stop the illegal downloading of music. We've all done it and if you say you haven't... you're lying.

Chinese Democracy is set to be released in the year 2035.

- MX

August 27, 2008

the game + young buck reunite

Surprise, Surprise. Game and Buck get together to diss G-Unit? I never saw this coming. */sarcasm.*

Here's something funny from the MTV article. Apparently people have forgotten what the G in G-Unit stands for. Why do I say this?
Of course, the two had words for 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. (Who couldn't see that coming?) "Without me, they just a Unit," Buck rapped a cappella, implying that the clique was no longer gangsta.
Now the G, as 50 Cent has said in Wanksta, stands for Guerrilla, not Gangsta. Nice try though, MTV.

By the way, go cop L.A.X. It's definitely Game's best album by far. I'll have to throw up a review later on.

The full article is after the jump.

- MX

Tuesday night was a busy night for hip-hop fans in NYC, with Young Jeezy and the Game going head to head with separate concerts. Fabolous, Lil' Kim and Maino joined Jeezy's Blender Theater show, but Game paraded a few of his own lyrically inclined friends down the way at Irving Plaza. Some were former enemies, and some were friends who turned into enemies but came back to friendship.

Game's first guest was a doozy: Joe Budden. Shortly after Game joined G-Unit, the two squared off lyrically for several months, and their disses toward each other were scathing. Their disses toward each other were scathing. Jump-Off Budden performed "Pump It Up" and his new underground classic "Who Killed Hip Hop."

Next were Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. Game at one point bowed in homage as Rae kicked a freestyle: "When my ni--as come down, they burning that crib down/ And you gettin' hit."

"Love you, ni--a," Rae told Game, and Ghost yelled out, "They set the stage on fire!"

Kool Herc stood on the sidelines among Game's Black Wall Street clan, who flooded the stage. The Compton MC called Herc out to the spotlight and bowed to him. The legendary DJ told Game that his favorite record was "Hate It or Love It."

"Always love, man," Herc said.

Fat Joe was the next to enter the big kids' playground with "Lean Back." They even let parts of jailed former Terror Squad member Remy Ma's verse play.

Game's putting on for the city didn't stop there. After Maino (busy night, huh?) held down the show with "Hi Hater," it was a reunion of booted G-Unit members who hadn't shared the stage in four years.

Young Buck arrived and immediately gave the star of the show an iced-out watch.

"I read on the Internet that you were broke," Game said to his pal.

"I'm a street n---a, we gets money for real," Buck responded.

Of course, the two had words for 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. (Who couldn't see that coming?) "Without me, they just a Unit," Buck rapped a cappella, implying that the clique was no longer gangsta.

Game took liberties with his own song "How We Do" soon after, bashing his former rap collective: "Took three years, kicked me and Buck out/ New York was like, ['Huh']?"

Later, Young Buck said he had no beef with Fat Joe.

Game gave the fans another taste of his L.A.X. LP with current single "My Life" and probable second single "Money," but he didn't perform his controversial track, "Letter to the King."

Jim Jones was the last surprise of the night. He and Game did a piece of "Certified Gangsta." Jim took control for portions of "Love Me No More" and "Byrdgang Money." The Harlem Dipset Capo then handed the mic back to his Cali friend. The night's main attraction sent the fans home with "Game's Pain."

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emergence day

So, the plan was to have the first Twosday happen yesterday (it's yesterday here on the east coast). However, both Sin and I were busy when we scheduled to do the podcast. So, the first Twosday podcast will happen September 2nd, 2008. The day after Labor Day here in the States.

Until then, fellow two.shotters, have patience. The topics seems stacked for the show and it should be a good time for all.

Also, notice I posted this on the 100th post of the month. Kinda how we announced the podcast on our 100th overall post. I know... I'm crazy.

- MX

metallica 'the day that never comes'

metallica 'the day that never comes'

I had heard about this song for a minute and I finally saw it over at Black Jaysus' spot and I decided to listen to it.

Finally... Metallica is back.

Although I think the solo could be stronger (like, Kill 'Em All strong) it's still a damn good song that reminds us of the thrash they used to do with the likes of Slayer. I know... it's not hip hop but I listen to other shit too. You should be able to tell that from the mxdaily's.

The file is big but it's definitely worth the download. So download and get lost in what Metallica should be... not that St. Anger garbage.

- MX

August 26, 2008

mx daily *** grill the art

niggas write to me, woman be up in they tub exfoliating
dj drama f/outkast + marsha ambrosius 'the art of storytelling part 4'

- MX

dr. dre's son found dead

Breaking news today and it sucks to bring it to your attention. Dr. Dre's son, Andre Romelle Young Jr., was found dead Saturday night when his mother tried to wake him and he wouldn't respond. According to the coroner's spokesperson, Young had spent the previous evening with friends. His mother told police that he'd returned home Saturday at around 5:30 a.m., and that she'd heard him in his bedroom. Police said they did not suspect foul play.

We give our condolences to the Young family during this rough period.

- MX

kanye west 'good morning' (official video)

Remember when I posted 'Ye's Good Morning video and called it official? Well the official video has finally been released. Big ups to for bringing this to my attention.

I just thought of something... Graduation has been all videos and singles. What songs haven't been a video or a single? Drunk and Hot Girls, The Glory, Big Brother, I Wonder, Barry Bonds, + Everything I Am.

Huh... I didn't think there were that many. Oh well.

Also, you can buy the video in high quality off iTunes if you wanna rock the video on the bus or when you're bored at work like I do sometimes haha!

- MX

August 25, 2008

chamillionaire 'internet nerds revenge'

Mixtape Messiah IV drops Wednesday! I'll definitely be getting my copy and I'll give you good people a review of the album (which I haven't done since T.O.S: Trash On Sight). So I peeped this on 2dopeboyz (they're baaaaack) and I decided to pull myself away from S.L.U. and check this out.

I'm glad I did.

It's a good view at all the haters that blog about Chamillionaire. I mean, shit, I hate on artists because I don't personally like it but that doesn't mean others don't like him. Example: Soulja Boy. I think he's terrible but people like him. These are just my opinions. We are all haters... it's just to what degree.


The article that Chamilli had at mtvnews (including him speaking on 'Internet Nerds Revenge') is after the triple jump. Another track and field reference... shut up, I'm a former shot putter/discus thrower. It's in my blood.

- MX

I think the other ones are so critically acclaimed by fans, I wanna keep that competiveness up with myself," he told us in Houston, where he was waiting to record a freestyle with Killer Mike. "They'll compare this one to the other Mixtape Messiahs. Mixtape Messiah 1 is probably my biggest one thus far. It came out of nowhere. At that time, I had the beef with Mike Jones, and it was a triple-disc CD. Nobody did that. It was real shock value. I'm gonna keep on competing with myself. I might not drop a triple disc; it's a double disc this time. But it's two CDs full of nothing but new material."
Koopa describes this CD as a return to full-throttle rawness with hard punch lines.

"Sometimes I say punch lines to myself and be like, 'This punch line is trying a little too hard,' " he said. "But I know my fans like that. So I'mma give it to them. A lot of fans that like me, like me because I used to take whoever's beat was hot and even beats that weren't hot, that were classic. Let's get it."

You'll be able to get a hard copy of this mixtape in the streets, unlike the last MM.

"I released a part three not too long ago," the Houston native said. "We did the digital [release]. A lot of people were hesitant to put out music a little while ago in the mixtape game. I seen a lot of DJs stop dropping mixtapes. I put mine out online for free. I think it says a lot, though, when you're taking the time to press it up and doing the actual CD. It needs to be physically in the street and hit them nooks and crannies. There's spots where the big artists don't go, but that's where I'm gonna go. We gonna start off slow and go with it."

But fans won't get too long to let this CD marinate, because Mixtape Messiah 5 is coming soon. Chamillionaire has been talking to a slew of DJs — from Drama to Cannon to Whoo Kid — about possibly collaborating with them on the next tape.

Then he'll drop his third album.

"I been working on it for a minute, since The Ultimate Victory," the Grammy winner revealed. "That's crazy, because a lot of my fans think I been on vacation."

Chamillionaire has over 30 records in the can for the still-untitled official project.

"Roll Call Reloaded." "On a couple of the other Mixtape Messiah records, I did a roll call, and it's a fire drill of all the other rappers," he said. "I call it a fire drill because we run down a list of everybody that's hot, and I'm gonna exactly rap their styles just to be creative. I start off with Jeezy, then I do Jim Jones, I do Rich Boy, Game, Jay-Z. I do E-40, Lil Weezy, Rick Ross. I had to cut the record because I did a whole bunch of people. I took a B.G. beat and just repped that. This is just one thing to show creativity."

"Internet Nerd's Revenge." "The online thing is real big right now," Cham said. "Even though I'm dropping this in the streets ... I see rappers online, and it matters what's said online. You go to and see what they saying on Mixtape Monday. Fans complain about everything. They complain about Weezy when he does right, when he do wrong. Same thing with Kanye and everybody. Me and my boys went to all these Web sites, and we took a whole list of everything everybody said bad about Chamillionaire. I did a rap like I'm the person sitting at the computer typing and saying bad stuff about Chamilllionaire. It's some little kid that's on the Internet. He's young; he's getting all this stuff he's saying about me. His mother comes in and asks him, 'Did you take your medication? Are you on those porno sites again?' I'm rapping like I'm him in his voice."

"Go Hard." "I heard this beat that the Clipse did," Chamillionaire told us. "I don't know what album it's on. I really mess with the Clipse too. I remember saying, 'Who did this beat?' It was just knocking. I told my DJ to send the instrumental and said, 'I'm about to rip this.' No purpose, just a whole bunch of punch lines, bringing a little aggressiveness to the mixtape. People might have seen me in my last video dressed like a white man, they might have got it twisted. We're bringing it back to the streets."

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babe alert: amerie

I love me some Amerie. Earlier this year, when my life was in turmoil, I turned to Amerie to help me out. Through her sensual voice, I put things into perspective. Because I Love It is an album I will always listen to and cherish.


She is also a very attractive woman. It's been a minute since I dropped the last B.A. but ya know... had to keep you all waiting. Ha! More pics after the long jump.

- MX

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mx daily *** never found

it's a shame what they do for fame and to be respected
common f/lily allen 'drivin me wild'

I'm on a Lily Allen kick. Sue me. Besides, Common is dope anyways.

- MX

home movies: casino boat

I haven't dropped one of these in a minute. Same as a Babe Alert. That's coming soon, for sure. Anyways, I'm gonna hit the sheets and getting some well deserved rest. Until my eyes open again...

- MX

mx daily *** rule breaker

i'll see you in your pipe dreams
santogold 'creator'

Remember when I told you I'd have to remind you, from time to time, how hot Kim K. was? This is one of those times. Again, my bad for posting this so late. I'll get another (or 2) up for you so you people can check the good music.

- MX

August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Count: Final Update

They are finally over. The 2008 Olympic Games are finished and many countries walked away with lots of gold medals. Not more than China, though. The Republic came away with most medals and many of the Chinese newspapers are saying that since they won more gold, they were more dominant.


Dominant is the United States of America. We took these Olympics by storm playas. Go on and hate, it's okay. So now we look towards 2012 and London. That's when the world is gonna implode.

Total Gold: 3 (RANK: NINETEENTH)
Total Silver: 9
Total Bronze: 6

Total Medals: 100 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Gold: 51 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Silver: 21
Total Bronze: 28

United Kingdom
Total Medals: 47 (RANK: FOURTH)
Total Gold: 19 (RANK: FOURTH)
Total Silver: 13
Total Bronze: 15

United States of America
Total Medals: 110 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Gold: 36 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Silver: 38
Total Bronze: 36

- MX

'game of death' sharky

I can't get enough of these things! I won't do the talking... I'll let ToyQube do it for me.
You didn’t expect this Sharky, it just came right at you from nowhere. Now! Da Sharky is here! Tim Tsui puts his DaTeamBronx ape design on the Sharky. Da Sharky will go well with your collection of Da Minci’s, Da Warriors and Da Fighter! This is for the ToyQube exclusive “Game of Death” version, limited to 200 pieces.
So this vinyl piece runs $80 and you can order them for your collection (if you even have one). Now, I'm going to try and get some shut eye. I have to be up for work in 5 hours.

- MX

t.i. speaks on leaked record: 'swagger like us'

It's one of the biggest songs to hit the internet in, well, forever. I dropped it Friday night (when it was leaked) and other sites leaked it and even 'Ye put it in his blog with the title 'The Rap Olympic Team' and now the owner of the song, T.I., spoke to mtvnews on Saturday and had this to say:

"That's some bullshit. I'm beating down the Internet as we speak."

Interesting, to say the least. Originally, the track just had Kanye on it (who also produced it, which I didn't know) and they wanted to have some other dope people on it. It turned into a dream song and many people have been giving it good and bad reviews.

T.I. didn't want the track leaked so soon and people should be patient. "Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That's like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it's time, I'mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream ["Like I Do"] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I'm not used to it."

Well, I guess when a song is this hot it has to be leaked. Sorry, T.I., but you just dropped one of the sickest records this year. 2008 has been a sick year for hip hop in my opinion. '08 is runnin' this rap shit. We're bringing it back to the glory days and making Soulja Boy fade into oblivion.

By the way, is it me or are Kanye's beats getting better and better? First the 80's feel 'Jockin' Jay-Z' and now 'Swagger Like Us'.

I guess what he said in S.L.U. was true: Every time I breathe on the track I asthma attack it.

- MX

mx daily *** familiar view

too much time spent dragging the past up
lily allen 'oh my god'

Cincinnati stand UP! Haha... I felt bad for posting late so I'm giving you some extra music. Peep the skyline in Cincy... that's where I call home. Side note: they play this song at Chipotle all the time so whenever I go there (which is, probably, three times a week) I hear this song at least twice. Chipotle knows what's good!

- MX

mx daily *** money for murder

who made me like this? was it me and god in co-production?
m.i.a. '20 dollar'

My bad this is late. Busy day when you work all damn day.

- MX

August 23, 2008

obama selects running mate

Apparently, Barack Obama was to announce his VP through a text message sent to massive amounts of supporters. Now, it's been confirmed via CNN (who said it was confirmed through 'numerous democratic sources') who his running mate will be.

Joseph Biden.

Eh, is what I say. Biden is the same dude who said that Obama was the first mainstream African-American who was articulate and a nice-looking guy, basically slamming many mainstream African-Americans. I guess it's that BET stereotype that portrays the black community, eh? However, this guy will help get more Dems on his side, with Biden being a blue-collar Catholic and I understand it. I just... I dunno.

I'll keep you updated with who McCain picks, which will probably be announced at the Republican Convention, because I'm an equal opportunity voter.

Not really.

- MX

August 22, 2008

t.i. feat. kanye west x jay-z x lil' wayne 'swagger like us'

A new single (possibly?) off T.I.'s upcoming album, Paper Trail. The song samples the ever growing M.I.A. song 'Paper Planes'. She's taking over the rap game! First remixes to 'Paper Planes' and now getting sampled? Dope.

And the lineup on this? Gross. Don't sleep on this... it's sick.

UPDATE: The zshare link was deleted but you know we here at two.shot are some resourceful dudes. I uploaded it elsewhere and you can right click and save it. You're all welcome.

UPDATE II: I TOLD you not to sleep on this. This shit is so hot, Kanye posted it on his blog and the most infamous 2dopeboyz can't even post on their blog (which sucks... I love checking me some NMC) because, according to Shake, Wordpress contacted Atlantic Records and shit's going down. And when the dope boyz get halted... you know it's hot.

- MX

mx daily *** illuminated material

mesmerizing tones, rising pianos this is my zone
the streets 'weak become heroes'

- MX

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headsets

So I got these headsets today, and I have to say... Where have these babies been all my life? I mean, holy shit. The sound you get out of these is phenomal. I gave them a test run on Soul Caliber IV earlier and I swear, there's sounds in that game I didn't even know existed.

Not only that, but the headsets themselves are really comfy and they don't feel cheaply made either. I haven't tested the voice chat yet, but I expect it to be great as you can mess around with the in game sound and chat sound as they come through the same headset.

With the sound these give, I can only imagine what the X4's sound like, but for now... these are more than adaquet and are at a nice price for normal people like me who don't have hundreds laying around for headsets.

Overall, these babies are definetly going to add a new dimension to my gaming. If you haven't got these and you're a next gen console owner, then what are you waiting for? Go out and by these now.


Turtle Beach Site

- Sin

chamillionaire 'my life'

First off... how sick is that artwork? Anyways, tracks from The Mixtape Messiah have been leaking for a while and I've been slow on them. I know, my bad. Anyways, this was released a few days ago and I think it's sick as hell. Chamilli gets on The Game's 'My Life' and just does his thing.

For a funny ass video with Chamillionaire x Bowser + the tracklist, hit the jump.

- MX


10. FIRE Featuring Famous
11. HERO


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kid fails driving test 5 times in one day

Haha... best part: The dude that starts screaming and cursing. God, people get so fucking intense.

Ah... the stupid shit I find at 3:30 in the morning.

- MX

kidrobot's the simpsons mini figures

Fucking. Dope.

Kidrobot has come out with these mini Simpsons figures and I think they're crazy good. But, you know, I love things like this. They come in a blind assortment (meaning you don't know which ones you're gonna get) and they cost $7.95 and I'm not sure how many come in a single box but I'll be getting at least two boxes. I just have to wait till I get my money right.

There is also a mini site where you can find out even more info on this. This is kinda big in the world of designer vinyl figures.

Click the image to take you to the site where you can purchase them and see more pictures of all the characters that are available.

- MX

August 21, 2008

mx daily *** ice cold fire

as I walked out, felt my own need just beginning
Two in one day? Eh, I'm feeling generous. Plus, I'm in a Clapton mood.

- MX

the cool kids 'delivery man'

Ahh... it's always good to come home from work and find new Cool Kids material. So I was searching the webs and found out that Mountain Dew is creating their own online music label (greenlabelsound) and they will be dropping fresh music regularly. Guess who was first? Mikey Rocks x Chuck Inglish. It's funny... I was telling people about The Cool Kids before they were big on the internet. I guess I just find the good shit early haha.

If you haven't heard The Cool Kids before, you really should try and find their three EP's and mixtapes: Totally Flossed Out EP, The Bake Sale EP, + That's Stupid: The Mixtape.

Black Mags was my ringtone for a while haha.

P.S. - Props to 2dopeboyz for bringing this to my attention!

- MX

Madden NFL 09: Packers/Vikings

So this is what I do in my spare time... I destroy the Vikings in Madden 09. I found out about this feature and expect more videos from MX in this game on this blog. This was just one of the sickest hits I've ever gotten in Madden in my life and I hope you'll all agree. If you're a Vikings fan... I feel so sorry for you.

- MX

mx daily *** discuss the switch

scene stills lay still in this fog, and i try only to see straight through into you
alexisonfire 'tonight, i am going to wash the hippy'

- MX

Come To The Dark Side

Get bodied. God, the DLC for Vader needs to come to the 360, like, now.

UPDATE: Of course, Youtube takes the fucking video down. So I found one that has a bunch of dope Vader moves + the Critical Finish at the end.

- MX

August 20, 2008

Fallout 3 Gets Definitive Release Date

Bethesda today announced that their highly anticipated title, Fallout 3, will be available to purchase in North America on October 28th of this year and will see its European release date 3 days later on the 31st.

Awesome news, but fuck. We've got Fable II, Gears 2 and now Fallout 3 all around the same release date.

It's going to be a busy time for lil' ol' Sin. My xbox is gonna be hating me later this year, that's for sure.

- Sin

mx daily *** revenge on cybertron

haters is so screwed but I can't feel it like a flat head in a philips
lupe fiasco 'lupe the killer'

Something I'll do on a daily basis... bring you fellow two.shotters some good music. I listen to anything so one day it could be Kanye West and the next day could be Radiohead and the next day it could be Justice. You never know.

- MX

The Dark Knight Script - Is Harvey Dent Dead Or Alive?

It's been the burning question ever since The Dark Knight was released. I'm assuming everyone has seen TDK and if you haven't I will look you up and send you a box full of bees to sting you to death.


Apparently, The Dark Knight's script was sold and then posted on the internet. What was in it about Harvey's 'fall' is well... interesting. To know what it said, exactly, highlight the following text between the brackets:
[Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken.... DEAD.]
So... now that you know what thoughts do you have? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

- MX

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Count: Update Four

Yes, those are cheerleaders. Yes, they are at the Olympics. Which makes MX very happy... cheerleaders at the Olympics. I guess they're there to make the table tennis players excited haha. Anyways, here's the updated medal count and, finally, Canada is actually on the list. Go Canada! US is still pushing with the most medals and the UK is just trying to push their way up but if they want to catch the US, they need to win, like, everything. China is still a bitch, dominating the gold, and cheating at Gymnastics. Yeah, that girl is 16.

Total Medals: 13 (RANK: TIED FOR TWELVTH)
Total Gold: 2 (RANK: NINETEENTH)
Total Silver: 6
Total Bronze: 5

Total Medals: 79 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Gold: 45 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Silver: 14
Total Bronze: 20

United Kingdom
Total Medals: 37 (RANK: FOURTH)
Total Gold: 16 (RANK: THIRD)
Total Silver: 10
Total Bronze: 11

United States of America
Total Medals: 82 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Gold: 26 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Silver: 28
Total Bronze: 28

- MX

Touma's Baby Hellhound 8" Black Plush

You know MX loves things like this. I'll just post the description from the site I found this at:
Famed Japanese artist Touma's Hellhound figure is now available in Plush form! Presented in Touma's signature edgy style - complete with bared teeth - this 8 inch huggable black version includes a vinyl snout and collar, and is strictly limited to 500 pieces worldwide!
The cost is $23.50, which is a ton cheaper than that $800 one I posted a few days ago. So if you think this looks as dope as I do, order yourself one. It's things like these that are helping me through my cold and I need all the help I can get.

- MX

August 19, 2008

OJAYZIS: Jay-Z vs. Oasis

This is just too dope. All the images and the info are from (All the images are from Shake at that spot) and this has been in the making for a while. The 'beef' between Jay-Z and Oasis (after Noel Gallagher said that Jay-Z wouldn't sell out Glastonbury) has been in the air for a while and now someone is taking a musical advantage of it. The mix was made in a day and it's just... it's amazing. For being a fan of Oasis & Jigga, this is perfection. It's definitely not as good as The Grey Album (DANGERDOOM's mash-up with Jay-Z and The Beatles.) Hit up 2dopeboyz for more info about this musical journey.

The link, tracklist, and album art after the jump.

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Juelz Santana Speaks On Dipset, Cam'ron

Dipset! I'm a mega fan of Dipset but not their leader, Cam'ron. I just think he has bad flow and is just isn't my kind of rapper. Anyways, Juelz's contract was sold by Cam'ron for $2 mill and since then we haven't heard much from the kid who runs Santana's Town. Well MTV caught up with Juelz to talk to him about Cam'ron, Dipset, and his future. Here's a snippet:
"I was upset about the part of me being 'sold for $2 million,' " Santana told MTV News, standing in front of his New Jersey studio on Thursday. "At times like this, nobody is trying to 'sell' me. I could have come out and said, 'Oh, yeah, Cam got bought out.' But I didn't go that route. They just gotta watch me move. We gonna make it hot."
For more of the article and the acronym for Skull Gang (which I thought was pretty dope), hit up the MTV article or you can peep HipHopDX's coverage.

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