September 06, 2008

mx daily *** return of the jedi

the evil me, may you rest in pieces
asher roth 'the greenhouse effect mixtape'

I'm absolutely sorry that I haven't put up any mxdaily's recently. It's been about a week without any good music for you people so I figured, what the hell, and post this dope ass mixtape by an artist approved by Hov and Andre 3-Stacks.

Yes, I know this mixtape is really old. However, I don't think everyone knows the greatness that is Asher Roth. After listening to this mixtape, I'm sure you all will be agreeing that he's not a rapper... he's an emcee.

So... I hope this makes up for the lack of music and, don't worry, mxdaily's will be back in full effect starting Saturday night when I get home from work.

Oh, and that logo is gonna be popping up frequently. I'm not called MegatroniX for nothing.

- MX

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