October 03, 2008

mx playlist *** decision maker

Another week, another playlist. I figured Fridays are the best day to put these up so expect these every Friday. Anyways, this playlist has been re-edited more times than I can count. I wasn't happy with the original cut so I edited it and made it into what I'm about to present. As always, here is the description of the playlist.
We all have decisions we have to make in our lives. Whether they be hard or easy ones, a decision takes a thought process and some quick thinking. You must think about the pros and cons of your decision and how they will benefit you and others around you.

When you make a decision, you must dare to win and then you go on about all the other decisions you might encounter. Usually, there is a battle between the good and the bad and you have to pick whether you're with the light side or the dark side. In a decision, you can either be the Victim or the Shooter. Whomever you decide to be, Lucifer will be there to try and capture your soul and tell you that hell is within you, and Heaven is Beside You.

Make your decisions very carefully. You, ultimately, are the decision maker.
The tracklist is after the jump.

- MX

1. the streets 'who dares wins'
2. kings of leon 'sex on fire'
3. the saturday knights '45'
4. alice in chains 'heaven beside you'
5. every time i die 'INRIhab'
6. alexisonfire 'no transitory'
7. incubus 'blood on the ground'
8. glassjaw 'ape dos mil'
9. jay-z 'lucifer'
10. nonpoint 'victim'
11. lil wayne 'shooter'
12. the strokes 'the modern age'
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