September 30, 2008

obama raps stronger

Found this at Kanye Live, and I think it's brilliant. Obama, Obama, Obama.

- MX

packer nation: a new era (nfl re-cut)

So, before I headed off to the hell hole I call work, I decided to create my own highlight (I added the link after I posted about Week 4). Since there isn't an embed option on, I had to post the link. I think I did a damn good job on it. So embrace the clips of greatness we've encountered this year and remember...


- MX

killa instinct art + preview

The unveiling is October 2nd. If you're in LA, check this out. For the shottas in NYC, the release is October 11th.

- MX

nfl week four

2-2. That is what I stare at while looking down the injury gun barrel as Aaron Rodgers suffers with a shoulder injury, Al Harris troubles with a ruptured spleen, and AJ Hawk has torn his groin muscle. As we still lead the NFC North, tied with the Bears, I'm still a little worried. We had the game on Sunday, but Aaron's shoulder was bothering him which lead to the 21-30 loss.

However, there were many more shocking things this week.

The Redskins defeated the Cowboys in a great game. The Chiefs beat the, seemingly, unstoppable Broncos. The Bengals continue to look pathetic against the Browns and remain one of the two 0-4 teams. Who is the other 0-4 team? The Rams and maybe that will change since they fired their head coach.

And, as I type this, the breaking news on SportsCenter is that the Raiders have fired their head coach. Quite interesting.

For more scores, hit the jump.

EDIT: I found something pretty cool on The Replay Re-Cutter allows you to take highlights from your favorite teams and make your own highlights. I'll probably have some Packer highlights for you later on.

- MX

(Byes: Detroit, Indy, Miami, NE, NY Giants, Seattle)
Atlanta Falcons 9-24 Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns 20-12 Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans 27-30 Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos 19-33 Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers 17-31 New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals 35-56 N.Y. Jets
Green Bay Packers 21-30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Minnesota Vikings 17-30 Tennessee Titans
San Diego Chargers 28-18 Oakland Raiders
Buffalo Bills 31-14 St. Louis Rams
Washington Redskins 26-24 Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles 20-24 Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens 20-23 Pittsburgh Steelers (OT)
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September 29, 2008

mx daily *** feel the betrayal

you join mass murder parties cause you hear it's a trend
nonpoint 'skin'

Figured I'd post this before I pass out. Until my eyes open again...

- MX

blueprint 3 release date

With the huge end of the year releases it's only fitting for, arguably, the greatest rapper of all time to announce the release date for Blueprint 3.

December 2nd.

Also, there is going to be a second edition to Swagger Like Us. Who's on it? Nas x Jeezy x Andre 3K.

What more can I say? Get this album.

- MX

September 28, 2008

megatron concept (transformers: revenge of the fallen)

By now, you all should know how big of a Transformers fan I am (my name is Megatronix after all). As I was searching on the web for images of Generation 1 Megatron, I came across a link that made me even more excited for the new Transformers movie.

The new concept images for Megatron in TF2 have been revealed.

If you haven't read the 'possible' script treatment for Transformers 2 that I posted forever ago, you can go ahead and check it out. Then you'll know that there is a 'possible' return for Megatron. Still, the new Megatron puts the one from TF1 to shame. I was dissapointed in the jet design (always been a fan of the gun model) but this one blows the jet away. I'm a little confused about how, after they dumped Megatron's body into the lake, how he became the model I'm about to post. I guess the Decepticons rebuilt him, I don't know.

You really need to hit the jump on this one because, even if you're not a Megatron fan, you'll really think these images are dope. Fuck an Autobot.

I live under the rule of the Decepticons.

- MX

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athf volume 6 back cover

Copped this from Aqua Teen Central (#1 on the web, G!). This is the back cover to the new volume of the ATHF (due out December 16th) and it has four never before seen episodes (Gene E, Shake Like Me, She Creature, + Chick Magnet). I can't wait for the front cover to be released.

Remember to watch ATHF on [adultswim] and if you don't own the other five volumes, you should go buy them. Now.


obama v mccain (first debate)

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. Friday I got kinda drunk. Here is the first Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCorpse McCain. Tell me what you think about the debate and who you thought won.

September 26, 2008

xbox 720

As I was looking for the achievements for The Force Unleashed, I came across a very interesting article. Apparently, Microsoft is already thinking about the future. The image above is a *rumored* image of the new Xbox console called the Xbox 720. The new Xbox will have the following additions to it:

- Integrated HD DVD Drive
- Dual HDTV Tuners
- Electronic Programme Guide
- Zune Dock

Whether any of this is true or not is still yet to be unveiled. I don't think anything will be released for another few years. Still, it looks promising. So until anything is confirmed, take this as a rumor. And you know where you heard it first...

- MX

mx playlist *** travel dark

Yet another playlist by yours truly. I've been working on this one for a good week or so, trying to create a story that wasn't boring and that you could interpret yourself. I have a description of the playlist on the FIQL page, but I'll post it here as well.
For this installment, what I was going for was those songs that you could listen to if you are traveling on a road you've never been on or have traveled on a road you have never been on. We've all traveled down a dark road and had to reach light somehow. So that's how I see this playlist.

You start with the chilling Un'aria and you end with the somber, thoughtful 'The End'' because you could either enter the light to exit or you could stay and travel in the dark forever. Between all that, you might feel trapped in a relationship and you want to end it (Warden, Welcome Home), you might feel like you have nothing left in life and want everything to end but you're trapped in the metaphorical 'dark' (On The Edge Of A Cliff). You also might feel as though everyone is turning on you and making you feel outcasted (Sowing Season), but in the middle of that you realize there are better sides out there (Side) and things start to become a little better.

I could go on forever about the many, many meanings that I personally have for this playlist but I'll let you decide what your own meaning is as you travel dark.
The tracklist is after the jump.

- MX

1. the sound of animals fighting 'un-aria'
2. tonedeff 'warden (love lockdown rmx) '
3. the streets 'on the edge of a cliff'
4. coheed and cambria 'mother superior'
5. the streets 'everything is borrowed'
6. coheed and cambria 'welcome home'
7. kanye west 'flashing lights'
8. travis 'side'
9. brand new 'sowing season (yeah)'
10. cream 'white room'
11. chiodos 'all nereids beware'
12. coheed and cambria 'in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3'
13. eric clapton 'layla'
14. the doors 'the end'
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spongebob: sweet victory

Dopest song from Spongebob ever.

- MX

home movies: laser surgery

Classic clip. If you listen to the blue eyeball's voice in the video McGuirk watches, you can kind of hear Skwisgaar Skwigelf, the voice of the lead guitarist in Dethklok.

Oh, and I know I said that I wouldn't post shitty Youtube videos anymore but... you do what you can to get what you have to get.

- MX

kidrobot 15: kidreaper

Kidrobot 15: Kidreaper
Price: $50.00
Artist: Andrew Bell

Woke up this morning and saw this new figure that's going to be coming soon. Kidrobot always delivers, and I always post figures from Kidrobot so you know they're dope. The figures are seven inches tall and come with a cloth robe. These aren't available yet but when they are I will let you know. Check more photos under the cut.

- MX

P.S.: 200th post!

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the streets 'everything is borrowed' (video)

This is the song that I posted as an mx daily a day or so ago. The video is actually pretty good. The album is dope, and if you want to purchase it, you can buy the every so familiar Streets lighter but as a USB memory stick with the complete album, videos, blogs from Mike, and much more. It's about $36 American. I'll probably buy it when it comes back into stock. I've bought all the other albums and I really like that lighter. I've been looking for an actual ligher with that logo but I haven't had any luck. So if anyone can find that lighter for sale, let me know.

- MX

September 25, 2008

david letterman ethers john mccain

Jacked the title from the dopeboyz. Republican Presidental Nominee John McCain was scheduled to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman but, at the last minute, cancels on him. Well, Letterman isn't very pleased with this. The video is priceless. John McCain thinks we can't rebuild the economy under Democratic rule.

Yes We Can.

- MX

mx daily *** bury the living

we were one among the fence
coheed and cambria 'in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3'

Random picture, yes. You can't deny that she is attractive.

- MX

general grievous

While playing The Force Unleashed and talking to Sin, I was thinking about all the dope shit that is in the Star Wars Saga. Then I remembered my second favorite Sith, next to Vader.

General Grievous.

Grievous, if you don't remember, is the Sith robot that can wield four light sabers with his four arms. So sick. I have three favorites in Star Wars: Boba Fett, Vader, and Grievous. So here is the video of the fight between Grievous and Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan kills Grievous, in a shitty way, but the battle is still cool.

- MX

babe alert: vanessa hudgens

This is one of the only good thing to come out of The Disney Channel. Yes, she is 19 but that makes her legal, no? Anyways, Vanessa Hudgens is known for her role in all three High School Musical movies, her relationship with HSM star Zac Efron, and her nude pictures where we find out that the curtain matches the drapes. Anyways, enjoy the pics while I go (FINALLY) enjoy The Force Unleashed.

- MX

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love lockdown stems

Kanye is doing something very creative and experimental right now. He has put up all the stems, or the sections, of his new hit single Love Lockdown and posted them on his blog. Some of you might not enjoy this, but I'm kinda obsessed with this right now. Not just because it's Kanye, but because I love seeing what parts are in a song because, well, I'm obsessed with music.

All of the stems are here for you after the jump.

- MX

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September 24, 2008

kanye west changes album date

I have some great news for all you Kanye fans. Kanye West was set to release his fourth studio album, 808's and Heartbreak, on December 16th. However, Kanye had something to say about that on his blog.


So now Fif' can rest his head because his album will have decent sales in December. I think it's funny that 'Ye is done with his album already. Here's an interesting note: Kanye was in the airport and he was sitting next to the lead singer or Rilo Kiley, which is a dope band, and asked her to listen to a few of his tracks. It's cool that an artist can get feedback from people he doesn't know (because he, apparently, didn't know who she was... or maybe he did).

When the official release date is unveiled, you know I'll be dropping it right here on two.shot.

- MX

spongebob: $%@#

Hi Squidward! How the $%@# are ya?

God, Spongebob cracks me up. This episode was on tonight and I forgot how funny it was. Probably my favorite episode in the entire series. Like I was saying to the lady friend (who hates Spongebob) that it's so funny because when he curses it sounds so innocent. She agreed and laughed at the episode.

MX: 1
MX's Girl: 0

- MX

September 23, 2008

mx playlist *** broken crown

i was havin' nervous breakdowns like man these niggas that much better than me?

The new musical journey from MX has arrived ladies and gents. mx playlists. Now, I know a lot of us have playlists and, I'll admit, I was against playlists for the longest time. Then, one day, I decided to make one and I haven't looked back since. So, here is the playlist and I uploaded the playlist to, which is a fantastic site to create playlists and look at what others are doing. Hell, I might even post other people's playlists that I find there. You never know.

So check out the playlist and the tracklist is after the jump. You can go directly to my FIQL page, read the description for the playlist, comment and rate below.

mx playlist *** broken crown

ADDITION: The playlist is now an FIQL Pick, which means the people who run FIQL have given it a thumbs up because of what the playlist stands for. Plus, we have thirty one views on the playlist which means 31 people saw the link to two.shot. You'll be seeing more playlists from me, for sure.

- MX

1. kanye west 'love lockdown'
2. jimi hendrix 'spanish castle magic'
3. santogold 'creator'
4. talib kweli 'get by'
5. john legend 'ordinary people'
6. kanye west 'the glory'
7. kanye west 'slow jamz'
8. motley crue 'saints of los angeles'
9. n*e*r*d f/ kanye west, lupe fiasco, + pusha t 'everyone nose (remix)'
10. kanye west 'touch the sky'
11. t.i. 'whatever you like'
12. jimi hendrix 'purple haze'
13. jimi hendrix 'machine gun'
14. kanye west 'drunk + hot girls'
15. common 'they say'
16. jimi hendrix 'all along the watchtower'
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