October 16, 2008

mx playlist *** dim the lights

mx playlist *** dim the lights

Changing the direction for a second. This one's all about the love making. 

There's a reason you dim the lights when you're about to make love to your partner. The feeling and passion, accompanied by soft music, gets everything right into place. Whether you've been with your lover for a few months or a few years, you always dim the lights. You realize that you belong together and that you're addicted to each other. Guys, you know you want your girl to reach that falsetto and girls... afterwards, you'll be wearing your man's t-shirt.

For every kind of lover out there, put this on in the background to get in the mood right before you get up to dim the lights.

The tracklist is after the jump.

- MX

1. t-pain 'cant believe it'
2. lloyd 'southside'
3. amerie 'thats what u r'
4. ne-yo 'addicted'
5. mike jones 'cutty buddy'
6. the dream 'falsetto'
7. destiny's child 't-shirt'
8. jill scott 'love rain'
9. mariah carey 'we belong together'
10. rihanna 'hate that i love you'

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1 comment:

  1. damn that is fresh, but I know one song that would've defined it in a solid ender ...

    "Turn the lights down low" by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill

    I didn't think about it till' now, due to thinking it was going to be on here ... but damn this a grand selection of hot tracks ...