July 04, 2008

Album Review: G-Unit: Terminate On Sight (T.O.S.)

G-Unit (Consisting of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and DJ Whoo Kid) released a new album this past Tuesday called Terminate On Sight (T.O.S.). After giving this album a listen... here are my thoughts on the thing as a whole.

The album itself is nothing but hooks spit by 50 Cent because, apparently, his voice and demeanor sells. Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo only provide back up lyrics as if they were the back up singers to an R&B artist on their tour. Many of the beats sound the same and if you listen to the album the entire way through, you'd feel as if you've been listening to the same damn beat for an hour or more.

An interesting note... the songs with Young Buck are titled 'Featuring Young Buck'. Apparently they're severing all ties with him in G-Unit. It's funny too because in the song titled 'Rider Part 2 (Featuring Young Buck)', Buck drops a line 'If 50 dropped me I still wouldn't sign'. I wonder what he's thinking right now? I mean, I like Buck and all, but only 20 people came to his last show. He needs to sign somewhere... quick.

Lloyd Banks' verses aren't anything spectacular. They're the same thing we've heard about fifty times just with new synonyms and words switched around.

Tony Yayo is, obviously, the weakest link in G-Unit. Personally I think he should go back to jail. It will be the closest he'll get to hard sounding bars.

Overall, this album just isn't very good. If you're looking for mindless hooks and some sub-par beats then this album is for you. If not then you should shy away from this album.

2 out of 5

Download: T.O.S: Terminate On Sight, Kitty Kat

- MX

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