August 18, 2008

100TH POST!!!!!

Welcome to the 100th post. For a few months, Sin and I have been bringing you fresh news and hot -ish and now it's time to expand. Now... it's time to broadcast two.shot.

Or... should I say podcast.

What we are introducing is something called the Twosday. What that will be is every Tuesday (or every other... we're not sure yet) there will be a podcast that will be no longer than an hour talking about everything new and fresh and anything we want to talk about. It should be interesting what we say. We're usually vocal about our thoughts haha.

So be on the lookout for that not tomorrow but probably next Twosday. It should be something very cool we're gonna do at two.shot. Tell all your friends and spread the word about two.shot because without people viewing this site, we would have never reached 100 posts. So if you tell your friends about two.shot, in no time, we'll reach 1000 posts.

Thanks and keep reading. We appreciate it.

- MX & Scottish Sin

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