August 07, 2008

almvr: A Lost Man Veers Right

So I have a blog to share with all of you fine two-shotters. He's been on the affiliates list for a week or so and now I think you all should be introduced to a friend of myself and Scottish Sin.

Here's a snippet:

My head is tilted to the side in the back seat of a fairly disgusting taxi. My attention is focused through the left window at the passing clouds. My fair ticks every few seconds but money is of no consequence to me right now. The tea that I ingested while visiting with Priestess Moira had me relive some childhood memories within the Garden of God compound, but that wasn't so irregular. It was the word 'Zephyrhills'.

It is a story about a man named Kelly Godless and his, well, adventures if you'd call them that. The blog has my stamp of approval (and I'm sure Sin's as well) and you all should check it out. It's right on the right hand side under the 'archives' section or you can catch the blog here.

- MX

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