August 20, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Count: Update Four

Yes, those are cheerleaders. Yes, they are at the Olympics. Which makes MX very happy... cheerleaders at the Olympics. I guess they're there to make the table tennis players excited haha. Anyways, here's the updated medal count and, finally, Canada is actually on the list. Go Canada! US is still pushing with the most medals and the UK is just trying to push their way up but if they want to catch the US, they need to win, like, everything. China is still a bitch, dominating the gold, and cheating at Gymnastics. Yeah, that girl is 16.

Total Medals: 13 (RANK: TIED FOR TWELVTH)
Total Gold: 2 (RANK: NINETEENTH)
Total Silver: 6
Total Bronze: 5

Total Medals: 79 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Gold: 45 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Silver: 14
Total Bronze: 20

United Kingdom
Total Medals: 37 (RANK: FOURTH)
Total Gold: 16 (RANK: THIRD)
Total Silver: 10
Total Bronze: 11

United States of America
Total Medals: 82 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Gold: 26 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Silver: 28
Total Bronze: 28

- MX

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