August 21, 2008

the cool kids 'delivery man'

Ahh... it's always good to come home from work and find new Cool Kids material. So I was searching the webs and found out that Mountain Dew is creating their own online music label (greenlabelsound) and they will be dropping fresh music regularly. Guess who was first? Mikey Rocks x Chuck Inglish. It's funny... I was telling people about The Cool Kids before they were big on the internet. I guess I just find the good shit early haha.

If you haven't heard The Cool Kids before, you really should try and find their three EP's and mixtapes: Totally Flossed Out EP, The Bake Sale EP, + That's Stupid: The Mixtape.

Black Mags was my ringtone for a while haha.

P.S. - Props to 2dopeboyz for bringing this to my attention!

- MX

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