August 08, 2008


Here's another guest blog entry for everyone... this time it's by Cody Clark.

Hello two.shotters, Cody Clark from almvr hurr and I thought I'd let you in on two of alternative rock's best kept secrets. But first, I have a request.

Tell me you've never ever heard the Dandy Warhols before.

"...get ready for a massive concussion of rock and roll with The Dandy Warhols."

That's a quote from their intro track on their first album, Dandys Rule, OK?. And it rings true, to this day. The Dandys are a bohemian band with a killer, yet eccentric lead guitar player and lead singer named Courtney Taylor. Taylor and the Dandys are from Portland and after playing small gigs there, they went to Los Angeles where they started playing shows. While playing said shows, they met Anton Newcombe and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The relationship between the two bands is chronicled in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury prize winning documentary, DiG!. DiG! tracks the tumultuous rise of two talented musicians; dissecting their star-crossed friendship and bitter rivalry. Both are hell-bent on staging a self-proclaimed revolution of the music industry. Through their loves and obsessions, gigs and recordings, arrests and death threats, uppers and downers--and ultimately to their chance at a piece of the profit-driven music business--how each handles his stab at success is where the relationship frays and burns. - courtesy of

This doc is hard to find in the States but you can Torrent it. I encourage any fan of rock music, to check out this documentary. And anyone looking to make it in the music industry, take heed of this films message. It's not all sex, drugs, women and money. It's serious business.

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