August 07, 2008

Madden 2009 Updates for Brett & The Jets

So I'm sure you all have heard the news: Brett Favre is a New York Jet. Hurray, I suppose. I mean, he doesn't have a solid team around him so I don't know how he's going to do.

EA Sports, being the good guys they are, are updating a few things for their highly anticipated Madden NFL 2009 game coming out August 12th.

Here are the things they are doing:

1. EA will offer a free downloadable cover in the coming days on featuring Brett Favre in a Jets uniform. Fans can print this new cover out and insert it into the case of Madden NFL 09.

2. EA will have a roster update available on August 11 with Brett Favre on the NY Jets. The game ships with Brett on an all-time greats team, but with the roster update that will be downloadable when product is available at retail, Brett Favre will be the starting QB for the New York Jets.

So there ya go Jets fans. You can now have Brett as your QB for the season. Gotta feel bad for Chad Pennington, though. Man-genius got rid of him without a blink of an eye. Oh well, I'll be on Madden 09 whenever the fuck my 360 gets repaired and comes back to me. So be on the look out for the L0UISVUITTOND0N*.

*pssst... that's my gamertag.

- MX

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