September 15, 2008

drinks on me

Ladies and gentlemen... the day is finally here. MX, also known as Megatronix, Lord Megatronix, and your mother's favorite blogger is now of legal age to drink. That's right, I can now go to the store, grab a six pack of delicious Bud Light, and go home and drink it with no questions asked.

Does that depress you young two.shotters?

Well, one day you, me, and Sin will go out and have a drink. Sin can have his Southern Comfort and Coke that he loves and I'll be sipping on a cool Bud Light or Corona and you can enjoy whatever drink you love. Sin... get your ass on a plane and fly to America. You and I need to get drunk. Lord knows I'm gonna have the hangover from Hell on Tuesday.

- MX... the birthday boy

1 comment:

  1. Happy B-Day, Man ... I did the exact same thing. 21 years old ... a hell of a period of time to reach this stage to become "legal".

    Oh yes ... many more!