September 11, 2008

kanye west 'love lockdown'

You'd think this was Kanye's Blog with how many Kanye posts are on the first page but this has been a big week for the Louis Vuitton Don. Anyways, Kanye released Love Lockdown on his blog and I just gotta say...

'Ye needs to redo the vocals.

I mean the instrumentals are on point, but the vocals just sound like a rough cut. I'm not sayin' I don't dig the song, because I do, but in the hook you can hear him clapping and the hook sounds like he kinda rushed it. I'm gonna call this the demo version until a newer version is released (possibly on iTunes, who released 8.0 the other day and it's sick). Then again, Kanye did post this on his blog so maybe this is the final version. Still, he redid 'Stronger' like 13 times before the final version was on Graduation and if you watch the Champion video, it's a newer edit.

So enjoy this version of Love Lockdown. If we know Kanye... the final final version will blow your fucking mind.

- MX

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