September 30, 2008

nfl week four

2-2. That is what I stare at while looking down the injury gun barrel as Aaron Rodgers suffers with a shoulder injury, Al Harris troubles with a ruptured spleen, and AJ Hawk has torn his groin muscle. As we still lead the NFC North, tied with the Bears, I'm still a little worried. We had the game on Sunday, but Aaron's shoulder was bothering him which lead to the 21-30 loss.

However, there were many more shocking things this week.

The Redskins defeated the Cowboys in a great game. The Chiefs beat the, seemingly, unstoppable Broncos. The Bengals continue to look pathetic against the Browns and remain one of the two 0-4 teams. Who is the other 0-4 team? The Rams and maybe that will change since they fired their head coach.

And, as I type this, the breaking news on SportsCenter is that the Raiders have fired their head coach. Quite interesting.

For more scores, hit the jump.

EDIT: I found something pretty cool on The Replay Re-Cutter allows you to take highlights from your favorite teams and make your own highlights. I'll probably have some Packer highlights for you later on.

- MX

(Byes: Detroit, Indy, Miami, NE, NY Giants, Seattle)
Atlanta Falcons 9-24 Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns 20-12 Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans 27-30 Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos 19-33 Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers 17-31 New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals 35-56 N.Y. Jets
Green Bay Packers 21-30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Minnesota Vikings 17-30 Tennessee Titans
San Diego Chargers 28-18 Oakland Raiders
Buffalo Bills 31-14 St. Louis Rams
Washington Redskins 26-24 Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles 20-24 Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens 20-23 Pittsburgh Steelers (OT)
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