September 01, 2008

randy orton to appear on monday night raw

Randy Orton is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw and talk to the current title holders. Could this be the return of the Legend Killer? Could this be the saving grace for WWE?

Monday... we will all know. And we now have yet another topic for the debut of Twosday.

- MX


  1. CM Punk: "... I'm not the one riding my back at 3 a.m, riding my bike, poppin' wheelies ..."

    Good to see Orton, but damn!

  2. I was reading a recent interview with Orton in it and he was talking about using his facial expressions for the reaction and not just his words. I noticed he used to do that, but after reading about his art behind it and why he does it, you honestly notice it a lot more.

    Just another reason why this man is God.