September 13, 2008

tricky 'knowle west boy'

So, much to everyone's surprise... I do listen to other things besides Kanye West. Anyways, the new Tricky album, Knowle West Boy, came out this past Tuesday and I've always been a supporter of Tricky. Do I have all his albums? Nope, I have four of them, but I aim to get them all. I used to listen to the song Christiansands with my dad when I was younger and it got me hooked.

For those that don't know who Tricky is, he's a man of many genres. Mainly, he is a Hip-Hop + Trip-Hop artist out of the UK who makes phenomenal music.

I haven't given this album a full good listen for three reasons. 1. The woman takes up too much of my time (not that I'm complaining), 2. Work takes up too much of my time (and I am complaining) + 3. This new Metallica album is just too fucking good to stop listening to. So when I give Knowle West Boy a good listen, I will make sure to give you fine two.shotters a full review.

And, no, the link under the picture isn't a free download. It's the iTunes link to the album. I mean, you could probably find a torrent of it or a .RAR or .ZIP, but I'm way too tired to look. You can find the tracklist after the jump.

- MX

1. "Puppy Toy"
2. "Bacative"
3. "Joseph"
4. "Veronika"
5. "C'mon Baby"
6. "Council Estate"
7. "Past Mistake"
8. "Coalition"
9. "Cross to Bear"
10. "Slow"
11. "Baligaga"
12. "Far Away"
13. "School Gates"
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  1. Never heard of this guy ...

    *Blocks an oncoming attack from MX*

    I'm gonna give this a listen ... w00t!

  2. It's all good... not a lot of people have. See, I'm trying to educate the masses with music I think they should check out haha!