October 03, 2008

biden v palin (vp debate)

The first and only Vice Presidential debate of 2008 has concluded. After all the talk, MSNBC.com + CNN.com voters are declaring Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, the winner. Sarah Palin did better than expected (which was not sound like a complete moron) but she didn't answer any of the questions Gwen Ifill asked her. You could tell she hasn't had any experience in doing things of this nature and it showed. She went on about topics that she wanted to talk about while Biden stayed on topics the moderator asked him to discuss. Enough about what I, personally, saw in the debate. Let's hear what you all have to say.

I have the transcript of the debate (CNN.com) and the full debate video courtesy of MSNBC.com. They are available under the cut.

- MX


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