October 11, 2008

celsius by robobox

Again, I saw this earlier but I'm now posting it because a. I was busy tofay and b. I think it's dope. Kuso Vinyl is releasing it's Celsius figure in the future and here is the prototype image of it. When it gets done, I know it is going to be super sick. I'll let the Vinyl Pulse Blog explain it more:
RoboBox’s creation is a streamlined hero ready for action. The individual elements are familiar yet the design has a ‘cool’ factor potentially because it follows several tried and true conventions. The design approach combines detailed sculpted elements including the wings, helmet and weapons with a fairly straightforward boy. Intricate deco (pad prints) will be used to fill out the character. As the vinyl toy industry moves forward, we’re bound to see an increased crossover of genres. RoboBox wields anime styling with military precision for a look that seems to buck current designer vinyl aesthetics by flirting with well-established genres. 

RoboBox’s action space opera backstory for Celsisus provides us with details of the expected diabolical conflict yet does so with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Delve into the character’s origin after the jump.

Kuso Vinyl caught us by surprise with their new toy production efforts. Celsius is certainly stylish and we’re looking forward to seeing the figure develop. While we can’t reveal anything specific yet, we can say that Kuso Vinyl has a few additional figures in the wings that will compliment Celsius’s lock and load vibe with a kawaii touch.

There are more proto images and a cartoon sketch of what the figure will look like after the jump.

- MX

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