October 23, 2008

Gaming Nirvana

Your eyes do not decieve you. This is Scottish Sin posting on Two Shot, or other wise known as 'that blog where MX posts the cool shit all the time with that Scottish Sin guy that pops up every now and again who posts about some shit when he feels like it' blog. I think we'll stick to Two Shot, and for good reason.

Anyways... today I got the LE edition of Fable II. I've played a little bit and it's great so far. I'm having fun in the first big town you get to called Bowerstone where I'm trying to get those promotions as a Blacksmith, because more promotions means more money which is always a good thing. I've already bought a fruit & veg store and a pie shop, so whenever I log back in I should have some money waiting for me, because it runs on a cool system that accumulates money for you even when you're not playing the game.

The dog which is a new feature in Fable II adds a lot to the game, especially when he starts sniffing out treasure and gets scared when you go into dungeons to the point you pretty much have to reassure him before moving on. It adds another little cool element to the game in that you have a true companion that can tag along in your quests.

As for the armour you get with the LE edition, it's a medievel version of the Halo armour which looks nice. Real nice. I got the pink dye and all those other items you get from the puppet show flash game on xbox.com as well, but haven't used those yet.

The only thing I'm using is the energy sword as I tried out the armour for a little bit, but I felt it looked too good just as you're starting out in the game, so I went back to my old stuff and I'll just look for other clothes as I progress through the game to get a natural sense of moving on up through the world of Albion. That, and while it's cool, it's more of a novelty and there for marketing reasons, so that's another reason I've put it away.

Overall, first impressions are great and I can see myself having a lot of fun with this game as I expected. Not let down in the slightest.

Anyways, with my impressions of Fable II out of the way. Let me tell you why this post is called Gaming Nirvana.

One, I've got Fable II now which is great, and next Thursday I'll have another game that I've been looking forward to for a long time called Fallout 3. A post Apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda who a lot will know are the makers of Oblivion. Another amazing game, just ask MX how much I loved and played that, so you can imagine I'm excited.

Not only that, but the folowing Friday on November 7th, Emergence Day, another amazing game hits called Gears of War 2. You may have heard of it. This game I cannot wait for. It's going to be immense and I'm looking forward to taking on the Horde with my Pk partner in crime, MX. You'll catch us online on that a lot, RAPING as usual.

But that my friends is why the next few weeks and the months after that are going to be Gaming Nirvana, and despite the shitty news about Xbox Live Primetime being delayed, don't you just love the Xbox 360?

- Sin

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