October 30, 2008

john k. political figures

Saw this on Vinyl Pulse and I had to post it. John K. is releasing political figures of Barack Obama, John McCorpe McCain, and Hillary Clinton. If you're in L.A. (where all the cool shit happens), go to the signing this Saturday, 11/1. Remember, Tuesday is Election Day and go out and vote... whomever you're voting for.

Before I sign off with my usual MX -ish, I gotta say I'm a little pissed. First, Blogger took off my Kanye post and now they have taken off my post of T-Pain's dope ass song Karaoke. The T-Pain one was, apparently, breaking copyright violations when I gave the source but no reason for the Kanye one? I'm seriously about to leave and make two-shot on wordpress.

Anyways, I'll blog some more tonight because I've been slacking heavily. I can't leave all my two.shotters hangin'!

- MX

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