October 05, 2008

kimbo slice v seth petruzelli

You've all probably heard about this one. Kimbo is dope and all but if a pink haired scrawny punk makes you his bitch... there's a serious problem there.

Because that's what happened. 15 seconds... what?

- MX


  1. Yeah, and because of that, Elite might not be on too much longer.

    What a clusterfuck ..

  2. Kimbo finally got exposed for being nothing more than a street fighter.

    Just look at who Kimbo has actually beat. Tank Abbott who has won one MMA fight in ten years?

    Or how about, James Thompson who has had 2 wins since May 5th, 2006? Yeah it's only two years but that includes 7 losses. In other words he's 2-7 since May 5th, 2006....

    Ray Mercer, who is just old and needs to give it up. He may have won a Gold medal in the 1988 Olympics, but that's um... 20 years ago. He basically tried MMA because he wanted to keep fighting.

    And even Bo Cantrell who is just a joke.

    I wouldn't be so harsh on Kimbo had he taken the time to learn the sport of MMA, build himself up, and then come in and do some real damage. This guy's got so much potential, but he's just hype right now.

    I don't much care for people who get famous off YouTube when you have so many people in this world who had to work their asses off to get to the top. A lot of people don't agree with me and that's fine. I'm not right on a lot of things but I think I was right about Kimbo.

  3. I agree with you afterburn. I mean, his Youtube stuff was sick because it was straight backyard fighting with other backyard fighters.

    When he is put in the ring, he can't hold his weight with mediocre middleweights because he has no MMA skills.

    I think he's dope as hell as a fighter but as an MMA fighter... not really.

  4. Which sucks, because Kimbo has the potential to be something.

    His street fights were ridiculous. I sure as hell would run from a fight if that fight included him and I'm a bigger guy. I just don't much care for getting knocked out.