October 30, 2008

m.o.p. sues john cena

Funny story as soon as I hit the ol' HipHopDX. M.O.P. is suing rapper John Cena for $150,000 because he used part of M.O.P.'s hit single Ante Up. You know, the battle cry at the beginning (BRRR Abado) that you can hear throughout Cena's theme song The Time Is Now.

Let's be serious for a minute here, shall we?

How long as The Time Is Now been out? Like, 5 years? So now, all of a sudden, M.O.P. is suing John Cena and all his entities? Please, son, this is desperate. Don't pull this shit that he's using an uncleared sample and you just NOW realized this. How long has the nukka John Cena been popular? Since the fall of WWE. Pathetic.

Oh well... it's not like I watch WWE anymore anyways. Fucking garbage.

- MX

1 comment:

  1. I only watch Raw for Cryme Tyme and Kofi ...

    However this shit hilarious, it's just as bad as Diamond Dallas Page lawsuit for Jigga man using the "Diamond" sign as the R.O.C that Jay always do ...

    People need to just let shit go, especially after a long time like that ...