October 28, 2008

nfl week eight

Fucking terrible. 0-8. It makes me ashamed to live in Cincinnati. Oh well, not a Bengals fan so I really could care less haha!

The G Force was off this week but all the other games were sick as fuck. The Giants took the Steelers in their own game, the Titans keep their undefeated streak alive (till next week when the Pack takes them to school), NFL went to London where the Saints charged the -um- Chargers, Mike Singletary has some balls and punishes his team like a team should be, and the Cowboys still look like shit.

Watch the World Series too people. It's a good series and, for the first time in history, game five of the World Series was suspended 2-2 at the bottom of the 6th. If the Phillies win, it's over. Still, NFL is better.

More scores are under the cut. 

- MX


(Bye: Chic, Denver, Green B, Houst, Minn)  

Oakland Raiders 10-29 Baltimore Ravens 

Arizona Cardinals 23-27 Carolina Panthers 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-13 Dallas Cowboys 

Washington Redskins 25-17 Detroit Lions 

Buffalo Bills 16-25 Miami Dolphins 

St. Louis Rams 16-23 New England Patriots 

San Diego Chargers 32-37 New Orleans Saints

Kansas City Chiefs 24-28 N.Y. Jets 

Atlanta Falcons 14-27 Philadelphia Eagles 

Cleveland Browns 23-17 Jacksonville Jaguars 

N.Y. Giants 21-14 Pittsburgh Steelers 

Cincinnati Bengals 6-35 Houston Texans 

Seattle Seahawks 34-13 San Francisco 49ers 


Indianapolis Colts 21-31 Tennessee Titans

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