November 05, 2008

all things are possible

Believe it. Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Tonight, America was REALLY united. It was a landslide and this has been an emotional and historic night... one I will never forget. Watch this video, please. Even if you're Scottish, Australian, Chinese, Russian, or American... you will see why Lady Liberty is smiling tonight.

Yes. We. Can.

- MX


  1. I stayed up till like 3 am last night watching the post coverage, and the fans in D.C ... block parties on every block.

    One dude said four years ago, he was about to head to Canada but rethought his decision and now with what has historically happened, he is definitely proud to be an american.

    That victory speech was fucking phenomenal.

    McCain's fans looked as if their fucking world crashed down or so.

    But it's happy times in America now ...

  2. I also watched it and it was great. When McCain was doing his speech, he showed real class when he pretty much told the booing people to shut the fuck up when he mentioned Barack.

    And you're right, Barack's speech was phenominal. I'm not American as you all know, but even I'm looking forward to the change and seeing just what Barack can really do.

    Let's hope for the best.