November 17, 2008

brock lesnar v randy couture (second round video)

Here, as promised, is the Lesnar/Couture fight... well at least the second round. Shitty quality, yes, but this is all I could find. I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube takes this down. If so, just go to and read up on it there.

Oh, and I love how people are now saying that UFC is fake and the punch was not that hard and The Natural dramatically fell. Okay, let's see you get blasted in the face and then get hammer fisted on the ground by a 265 pound monster like Brock Lesnar. Not so fake, eh?

Anyways, I have to recover from a cold that I got from my girl. Women...

- MX

1 comment:

  1. Spreading the love, heh MX, lol. I hope you get better man .... colds are a bitch. That's why if my fam has one, I cover my face and head in a bandana, only leaving my eyes to see. Almost like Homicide from TNA does ... lol

    For people to say UFC is fake, they must obviously can't stand the pain of seeing Couture get blasted by "The Biggest Thing That They've Seen Thus Far".

    They're just saddened to see the Natural lose to a hardcore Lesnar who wasn't about to go home empty-handed, lol.

    Nowhere in UFC is it fake ...