November 03, 2008

coarsetoys paw! : rainbow

Saw this on myplasticheart today before I hopped in the shower and I had to post something about it.

PAW! Jumping around in the soft and blurred Dreams of St. Creams citizen's is his favorite place to be when he manages to overcome the huge Marshmallow walls that protect the City. So he roams the vast empty deserts in search of players the enters the their dreams as they are sleeping in the daytime. In their dreams he is ploughing through the endless dreamscapes in search of exotic fruit. The strange fruit he finds leave him restless as they drip sweet and bitter and he roars loud "Oooooaaawaaah!" and "Uuuuliiiep!" while his snow white fur can not decide if it may lay or stand up from the neck all the way down his back.

12'' vinyl Figure. Silkscreen printed Carton Box, Rubber Letter filling, Fabric Bag. Limited to 200 pieces.

These start at $127.99. Jump on this if you have the money and you think it's dope, like I do.

- MX

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