November 14, 2008

kanye west arrested and released... again

Damn, 'Ye has been in the news a lot recently. Now Kanye has been arrested and released for, you guessed it, a fight with a London member of the paparazzi. The cameraman, Terry Blackburn, claims that West gave him a few bruises and a cut on his face after Kanye told him to 'get the fucking camera off him'. Kanye West was then released with no charges.

You know... I've been reading interviews where Kanye says he wants to get out of the spotlight, start a family, and stop rapping for a while and maybe he should do that. Just work on his Past Tell clothing line and chill for a few years. It's not like he has to make another album to make some money. The knee grow is rich, bitch.

- MX

1 comment:

  1. Goddamn, it must be like 9 or ten articles this week, all in Kanye's honor. Kanye need to go nowhere near Paparazzi's or else they'll just be asking for a kick in the nuts.

    They should know, we don't like being filmed about, I mean hell ... they couldn't find Paris nowhere?

    Kanye just needs a break ... away from the flashing lights of the paparazzi. I'd beat the shit outta the reporter too, loll