November 12, 2008

kanye west speaks on album leak + title + jimi hendrix

So here is some new news on Kanye. First, Black Jaysus posted some dope news about how 808's and Heartbreak could possibly be a double disk and now some very, very interesting news.

First, the date for the heartbreak has changed from November 25th to November 24th.

Second, HipHopDX posted a story about Kanye and a Def Jam conference call he had. He touched on things like his tracks being leaked, the title of the song, working with Yeezy, and Jimi Hendrix. Yes, Kanye talks about the god of all music.

So there's the new news from Ye. After the jump, check out the official commercial for 808's and Heartbreak. An official commercial for a hip hop pop art album? Sick.

- MX

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1 comment:

  1. HOLY SHIT ....

    Now that is dope .... a damn pulsating-like heart to the beat "Love Lockdown".

    Sweetness. That's all I can say, especially with Hendrix and Jeezy, hell yes!