November 16, 2008

lesnar def. couture to capture ufc heavyweight championship

I called this shit. Not officially on two-shot, but I called this shit. I was watching this fight at my girl's house with her brothers and they were quiet as fuck when The Natural lost. I was sitting, silently, enjoying the moment. Second round, Lesnar drills Couture in the side of the head and ground and pounds the fuck outta him.

Even in UFC, he is The Next Big Thing. You can read a more detailed review of this fight at HipHopDX. Once a good quality video surfaces, I'll post it for those who haven't seen it or can't believe it and want to watch it again.

- MX


  1. Yep, I watched it and I also called the Lesnar win. It was amazing.

    I went to Sherdog and it was hilarious seeing all of the so called cock sucking 'MMA Elitists' pretty much crying over Brock winning because it apparently made WWE better than the UFC in their retarded minds. You know, that's not even mentioning him being a NCAA Champion before getting into pro wrestling as well.

    Hell, It was like he had beaten God himself with the way people over there were acting.

    Again though, I loved it. Four MMA fights and he's the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock IS the man.

    Read it and weap, haters.

    - Sin

  2. Lesnar is no longer the next big thing ...

    "He is the biggest boss that they've seen thus far ..."

    I gotta get this song out of my head ...