November 14, 2008

lil wayne 'dedication 3' (stream + mixtape)

So this is the best we've got right now. Props to the dopeboyz for lettin' me in on this -ish. The stream, courtesy of iMeem is after the jump. Once the full thing is available for download, I'll bump this back up to the top.

EDIT: Got the link to the mixtape. The link is right below the image. Enjoy!

- MX

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3
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  1. good lookin' out, soldier ... Have you seen the new "MAD" magazine cover with Weezy on it entitled "The Rise and Fall", loll

  2. Yeah I've seen it. It's kinda funny. I'm waiting for a Kanye one that says 'Diva' or something like that. It's just inevitable now, after his second paparazzi attack.