November 04, 2008

nfl week nine

This picture is only because this nukka is on my fantasy team... even though I lost, again, this week.

How about the NFL this week? My Packers gave the Titans the toughest game of the season and it went to overtime. The game reminded me of the NFC Championship game last season where the kicker for the Giants missed the last second field goal only to make it in overtime. Pack drops to 4-4 & second in the NFC North while the Titans remain undefeated at 8-0.

What else... Cowboys still look like shit, Colts beat the Pats, Blitzburgh killed the Redskins (sorry Jaysus), and the hometown team FINALLY got a damn win.

Scores are after you jump in the Dawg Pound.

- MX

(Byes: Carolina, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco)
N.Y. Jets 26-17 Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions 23-27 Chicago Bears
Jacksonville Jaguars 19-21 Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens 37-27 Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay 30-27 Kansas City Chiefs (OT)
Houston Texans 21-28 Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals 34-13 St. Louis Rams
Green Bay 16-19 Tennessee Titans (OT)
Miami Dolphins 26-17 Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys 14-35 N.Y. Giants
Atlanta Falcons 24-0 Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles 26-7 Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots 15-18 Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers 23-6 Washington Redskins
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  1. *Sniffs*

    Fixed. The whole political shit with the history ruined that game for sure. But I took that horrible, shitty loss down with some Jack Daniels ... so I feel a little better. We're still 6'3, still shadowing Giants, so hey ... only a matter of time.

    Fucking Steeler fans in D.C ... The fuck is that? But hey, it was good week. Your Cincy finally won 1!!!!

    P.S - You mean Colts beat Pats, ;P

  2. Yeah... thanks. Wrote it kinda fast. But I was baffled by the Steelers fans in DC. Fuck the Steelers.

  3. Yeah, I think the Skin fans sold their tickets ... in other words ... sold out :(