July 02, 2008

Odds & Ends

Scottish Sin here with my first post on the blog. A little late, but you know what they say. The good stuff comes to those that wait so buckle up and get ready because things are about to get a little sinful around here.

Here's a few things that I'll be covering in the blog.

- Movies
- Video Games
- Gadgets
- Television
- Music
- Football (the real kind which some of you sissies call soccer)
- Anything else I'd like to fucking talk about that doesn't fit into the above categories

Now, with that out of the way, let's get started. Today I would like to talk about WWE Raw, or more specifically, CM Punk's World Championship win. Now, I know what you're all thinking. Why would I want to talk about that fake gay shit, right? Well, say what you will about wrestling but you can't deny that it's a unique form of entertainment (or unentertainment depending on the show and promotion) and I've watched it for so many years that it doesn't bother me watching well tanned and oiled up men pretending to fight because I'm more than comfortable in my own sexuality. I'm straight by the way, so sorry guys, I won't be calling any of you on the numbers that you'll no doubt send me here

So I'll start off by saying that I enjoyed Raw this week. I thought it was fun overall and it seemed to develop a few storylines during the course of the show.

The one thing I loved more than anything about Raw though was the fresh vibe I got from it and you can thank the draft for that. Not in years has Raw felt so fresh and new and the main reason in that is they've taken off the one person that's been on the flagship show since the brand split, Triple H. That in itself made the draft worth it. Not only did it get the one constant off of Raw but it makes sense with Smackdown's move to My Network TV that he would be at the forefront of the Smackdown brand to increase its chances of doing well in the ratings.

Enough about that though. Let's get back to the topic at hand. Yes, it's true... CM Punk of all people did in fact win the World Heavyweight Championship. He cashed in his money in the bank briefcase on none other than Edge after Batista beat the shit outta him. Edge, The very man that lives and (in this case) died by MiTB. This was awesome, and it was for the simple reason that it made sense that sooner or later, the Rated R Superstar would get a hefty dose of his own medicine.

Even if you're the most anti WWE person on the planet and you're all about ROH and the puro scene, you can't help but raise an eyebrow in saying 'I can't believe they just did that. That's awesome.' Now, I'll admit. I'm not really a fan of CM Punk and I believe he gets a bit over hyped but even I thought that it was pretty cool that WWE decided to pull the trigger on him. A little too soon perhaps, but that's a debate for a different day.

Anyways, not long after Punk won the title, he had a backstage confrontation with JBL who pretty much called him a pussy and demanded that he put the title on the line tonight or forever be known as having no balls for the rest of his wrestling career. Not too suprsingly, Punk accepted the challenge and I was already thinking the worst.

It got to main event time and JBL and Punk had an average match and you could tell that JBL was at least trying to put his all into it so it turned into an alright main event for the show. Surpringly however, Cena (who was thrown out of the arena by JBL's goons earlier) came out with Cryme Tyme and they proceeded to kick the crap outta the security surrounding the ring. This distracted JBL and gave Punk the opening he needed as he hit the GTS on Bradshaw to retain.

This was great in so many ways, and not just because of the result. If we look at Raw as a whole this week it evolved around the new guys and that's a great thing as the WWE is in desperate need of an injection of new blood. With the results of this show I believe that at Great American Bash they'll have a triple threat between JBL, Cena and Punk. As for the result of that one, it's anybody's guess.

As it stands right now though the champions on Raw are:

WHC: Punk
IC: Kofi Kingston
Women's: Mickie James
Tag: Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr.

That says it all really. Now, if only Orton would come back. Raw will be the best show in the history of pro wrestling television.

Until next time, kids.

- Sin

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