July 02, 2008

Young Buck - Terminate On Sight (G-Unit Diss)

Most of you might not know about Young Buck getting 'thrown' out of G-Unit for saying, well, 'Fuck G-Unit' at a concert. Master 50 wasn't too pleased and let, in my opinion, the best rapper in G-Unit go. Then 50 released a phone conversation with Young Buck crying on it. He was, apparently, saving it for the day Buck did something wrong (apparently, according to Buck, it was a convo over a year ago). So Buck has been dissing 50 ever since and 50 hasn't really said anything.

Well, here's another Young Buck diss. This is the best one by far. The title is an obvious diss to G-Unit's new album TOS: Terminate On Sight (an album which I'll review this week).

Enjoy the diss.

- MX

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