August 28, 2008

album review: the game 'lax'

So, finally, The Game's highly anticipated album LAX came out this past Tuesday. This is apparently his final album he's doing. It seems like a lot of rappers are ending with three albums (Lupe Fiasco's third and final album is entitled lupEND) but this could be Game's ego talking.

However, his ego is backed up with this album.

I've said it before that I was iffy on Game but this album changed my opinion of him. His first two albums, The Documentary + Doctors Advocate were good but they weren't great. LAX is great.

The album isn't a ton of bangers where you can just turn it on in a club and the place goes crazy. LAX is more of a relaxed album and it seems like Game put some thought into his lyrics and he picked some really good producers to do his tracks. His hit singles Game's Pain, My Life + Dope Boys are hits by themselves but songs like Cali Sunshine, Let Us Live (because I love Chrisette Michelle), + Angel just stand out by themselves for the production and the feeling you get after listening to them.

Overall, I'd go out and purchase this if you haven't already. It's definitely a CD that will go down as one of the best this year. 2008 has been a great year for hip hop and this album helps redefine that hip hop isn't dead, it just fell off the map for a minute.

4 out of 5

- MX

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