August 28, 2008

no chinese democracy allowed

So, as I'm laid up in bed sick as a dog, I saw this story and just laughed to myself. Let's get one thing out in the open right now... I fucking hate Guns N Roses. I think they're the worst band ever. But, again, that's just personal preference.


GNR has this album, called Chinese Democracy, that was supposed to come out for years now. However, Axl Rose has pushed the release date back so no one really knows when it is coming out. Hell, I don't think Axl knows. So, there was this blogger named Kevin Cogill who, pretty much, was like 'fuck this... here are some of the tracks' and guess what? He got arrested by the FBI.

The FBI, fellow two.shotters. Isn't that a bit outlandish? Here's an interesting quote from the article:
Peter Jaszi, an American University law professor, questioned the FBI's tactics and told the Times that, "In Los Angeles, the music industry is, in fact, a significant local industry. But why pursue this person out of all the other alleged copyright violations out there?"
Why get this guy and not people who leak, say, Lil' Wayne music? Because it's GNR and they think their music is untouchable. Axl probably got pissed, like Lars Ulrich did, and decided to take some action. Sorry, but you're never going to stop the illegal downloading of music. We've all done it and if you say you haven't... you're lying.

Chinese Democracy is set to be released in the year 2035.

- MX

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