August 18, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Count: Update Three

So it's been a great event so far, and yes... I haven't posted in a while. Lucky for you, MX has been on his game and has kept everyone in the know, so kudos to him.

Anyways... Over the last few days Great Britain has come back big, especially on Saturday where we had our most sucess in nearly one hundred years... ONE HUNDRED YEARS EVERYBODY! If that doesn't tell you how much ground we've covered, I don't know what does.

We're now in third place overall. Other than that, everything has stayed roughly the same. China is dominating on their home turf and the United States of Michael Phelps is doing great too.

Below is the updated medals standings. Enjoy.

- Sin

Total Medals: 9 (RANK: FIFTHTEENTH)
Total Silver: 3
Total Bronze: 4

Total Medals: 67 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Gold: 39 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Silver: 14
Total Bronze: 14

United Kingdom
Total Medals: 27 (RANK: SIXTH)
Total Gold: 12 (RANK: THIRD)
Total Silver: 7
Total Bronze: 8

United States of America
Total Medals: 72 (RANK: FIRST)
Total Gold: 22 (RANK: SECOND)
Total Silver: 24
Total Bronze: 26

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