August 18, 2008

SummerSlam Review

So, usually I don't post the wrestling stuff... Sin does. However, I went and saw this LIVE and it was pretty damn good live. I'm not gonna run down the matches (all of them), so you can read the results and get photos here.

I'm going to talk about my two favorite matches of the night: Cena/Batista and the Hell In A Cell.

First, Cena/Batista. I came into the PPV having expectations that this match was going to be terrible. However, the match was just great. I can see why WWE built this match up so much. Batista and Cena work well together and the entire time I was looking for Orton to come out and just punt the shit outta either of them. The end spot was sick as hell. Cena went to the top rope and was going to do his fame-asser and when he lept off Batista caught him and Batista Bombed the shit outta him. I won't lie... I jumped up out of my seat when he did that. I think in the battle of the lesser of two evils... I'd go with Batista. I have to stick with Evolution haha.

The HIAC match was fucking GREAT live. I took a few photos of it since I've never seen a HIAC match live. When Edge speared Taker through the cell I went nuts. And then the spear through the table... sick. The end spot, I thought, could have been better. A conchairto and then the tombstone? I guess I wanted to see someone go through the top of the cell but that will never happen again, now will it? After Taker won everyone was getting up and leaving and then Taker came back and chokeslammed Edge through the ring. Then people thought that was it and started to leave again. That's when the fire came from under the ring. It was hot as fuck and you could smell the burning mat from where I was (which was kinda high up but I'm not complaining... a free ticket to SummerSlam is dope.)

Overall, it was a damn good show live and I don't know how it turned out on the television. You should definately go to WWE's site and look at the pictures. Maybe you can play 'Where's Waldo' and find Orton, because I couldn't find him.

- MX

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