August 23, 2008

obama selects running mate

Apparently, Barack Obama was to announce his VP through a text message sent to massive amounts of supporters. Now, it's been confirmed via CNN (who said it was confirmed through 'numerous democratic sources') who his running mate will be.

Joseph Biden.

Eh, is what I say. Biden is the same dude who said that Obama was the first mainstream African-American who was articulate and a nice-looking guy, basically slamming many mainstream African-Americans. I guess it's that BET stereotype that portrays the black community, eh? However, this guy will help get more Dems on his side, with Biden being a blue-collar Catholic and I understand it. I just... I dunno.

I'll keep you updated with who McCain picks, which will probably be announced at the Republican Convention, because I'm an equal opportunity voter.

Not really.

- MX

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