August 22, 2008

t.i. feat. kanye west x jay-z x lil' wayne 'swagger like us'

A new single (possibly?) off T.I.'s upcoming album, Paper Trail. The song samples the ever growing M.I.A. song 'Paper Planes'. She's taking over the rap game! First remixes to 'Paper Planes' and now getting sampled? Dope.

And the lineup on this? Gross. Don't sleep on this... it's sick.

UPDATE: The zshare link was deleted but you know we here at two.shot are some resourceful dudes. I uploaded it elsewhere and you can right click and save it. You're all welcome.

UPDATE II: I TOLD you not to sleep on this. This shit is so hot, Kanye posted it on his blog and the most infamous 2dopeboyz can't even post on their blog (which sucks... I love checking me some NMC) because, according to Shake, Wordpress contacted Atlantic Records and shit's going down. And when the dope boyz get halted... you know it's hot.

- MX

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