August 04, 2008

Obama's absence doesn't stop kanYeWest at Lollapalooza

Rumors of Barack Obama being onhand to introduce Kanye West proved false. No matter. Aiming to permanently put the Bonnaroo debacle in the past, the local rapper came out not to just conquer the festival stage but to reclaim his hometown as his own. West's flashy light show lived up to promise. Yet despite all the popping strobes, panning spotlights and pastel illumination, the emcee remained the focus of attention. His energy and intensity backed up his cocky attitude and prodigious boasts. Examinations of conscious, conversations with god and motivational talks punctuated a non-stop beat-heavy blitz. West tackled "Heard 'Em Say," "Diamonds From the Sierra Leone" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" with the kind of elevated drama and drive that fuels champion athletes. He inhabited the narrative of "Put On," pushing the song until it became an autobiographical statement and personal pledge. "This performance is for the lady that drove me to Chicago at the age of three," he stated during the track, before getting everyone to scream for his mother. Such candor and motivation are not only what make West a visionary; they are what make him human.


Great to see Kanye reclaiming Chicago. Well, I shouldn't say reclaim because he always dominated Chicago as an emcee. I don't think he had anything to prove from the Bonnaroo 'lateness' because Kanye always delivers. He does it for the love of music and pleasing his fans. Someone has to keep music alive, right?

Save the music... save the world.

UPDATE: I found some pics from the show, courtesy of

Also found some videos on YouTube. I'm sure there will be more up later and I'll have them here for you.

VIDEOS FOUND: Good Morning, I Wonder & Heard 'Em Say, Touch The Sky, Put On, Can't Tell Me Nothin', Flashing Lights, Stronger, Homecoming, Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover), Gold Digger, Stronger V2, Touch The Sky V2, Through The Wire, Put On v2 (Freestyle)

Hit the jump for videos and keep it locked to two-shot and I'll keep updating as I find them.

- MX

Good Morning

I Wonder & Heard 'Em Say

Touch The Sky

Put On

Can't Tell Me Nothin'

Flashing Lights

Stronger (Melody... Ending?)


Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover)

Gold Digger

Stronger (Version 2)

Touch The Sky (Version 2)

Through The Wire

Put On (Version 2 [Freestyle])
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