August 05, 2008

Soulja Boy Admits He Isn't A Lyricist

I've been waiting on this day for a long time: Soulja Boy admitting he's puts out terrible music.

I mean, it's kinda obvious right?

Soulja Boy said to that if he had dope lyrics, he'd ruin his reputation. Now, aren't rappers supposed to improve on their lyrics? I guess when you make a teenager's fantasy song like 'Crank Dat', you don't have to have lyrics.

Anyways... the full article and the new video he did with Bow Wow called 'Marco Polo' are after the jump.

Yeah... you read right. Marco Polo. Like the game you play when you're 16 in the pool during the summer. Interesting note: in the video Bow Wow and SB appear to be standing on water. You know, like they're Jesus... the untouchable.

Kids these days...

- MX

Soulja Boy hears the flak he catches for his lyrical deficiency on songs such as "Crank That" and "Yahhh!" However, the 18-year-old says he can really spit if he wanted to. He's not gonna let his detractors knock him off his grind while making his second LP, iSouljaBoy, which is due later this year. He's going to keep his music geared toward the party.

"If I wanted to, [I could] go that route and be respected [not for] my success ... respected [for] my music and my lyrics or whatever," he said about switching up his steez. He's not going to do that officially. But Soulja did say that he put more emphasis on his wordplay while making his new street CD.

"That's why I did the mixtape that I did," he said. "I did a mixtape called Teen of the South with DJ Scream. And I did that just to step my game up a little bit on that [lyrical] side. But I wasn't really going into no album and just full-fledge trying to switch my swagger and try to get respect from the game. 'Cause why would I show love to the game? The game don't show you love back. So I wasn't gonna do that and come back out and mess up my image and mess up myself. I was going on the strength that I want respect from people who probably don't like me anyway. So I'm gonna stick to what I do and stay being successful and I'll do some mixtapes and some futures, something like that."

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